5 Tips on Creating a Rustic Living Space

5 Tips on Creating a Rustic Living Space

Living in a city can be fun and exciting, with endless things to do. For some, living in the constant rush and buzz of city life is just what they want, but others might dream of retreating into the mountains for a quieter life. If you are attracted to rustic style living, but aren’t in the position to relocate to the countryside, don’t feel disheartened. There are things you can do to introduce a touch of the rustic life into your city home. 

1. Flooring

For a home that has the feel of a true country hideaway, consider having wooden flooring put in. This is synonymous with woodland cabins, especially when paired with a good, thick rug on top. Wood Floors of Farnham and other stores offer a range of options, making it easy to find the right wooden flooring for you. If this isn’t your style, alternative flooring options could be stone slabs or tiling, however, these will get very cold in the winter months unless you install underfloor heating. 

2. Fireplace

This isn’t something everyone will be able to have, as some apartments or homes might not have the right fixtures in place for it. Nevertheless, if you are able to have one fitted at home, then do so. Sitting in front of a warm fire with a cup of hot cocoa is the ultimate rustic retreat experience. Perfect for relaxing after a long week, or getting warmed up after being caught in miserable weather. 

3. Leather Couches

Like the wooden flooring, leather couches and armchairs go very well with this style. If you’re not comfortable with using real leather, there are plenty of faux-leather choices that look just as fabulous. Chesterfield couches are always a good choice, but there are different designs that work just as well. Fabric couches will still compliment a rustic living space, especially with knitted throws and plush pillows on it. 

4. Woodland Garden

This point will only work for those with a good size backyard, as living in a city or the suburbs means you probably don’t have easy access to a vast woodland area. However, there is nothing stopping you from creating your own woodland garden. Plant trees and shrubs that are found in these areas, provided that they will survive in your climate. You could also add a water feature and make it look like a creek running through your garden, and other outdoor décor items to bring it together. 

5. Additional Décor 

There are other things you can buy to help add a touch of rustic charm to your home. Items such as burnt wood shelves and side-tables, antique storm lamps and old clocks. Even introducing a hang rack for your saucepans in the kitchen could help achieve this look, especially when matched with cast iron pots and pans – just make sure they don’t fall down on you! 

It is nice to getaway to the peace and quiet of an idyllic country retreat, however this isn’t always possible. Introducing elements from these rustic homes can encourage a little escapism without you having to leave the house. 

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