Small Decorating Details That Will Turn Your Rental into Paradise

Small Decorating Details That Will Turn Your Rental into Paradise

If you’re currently living in a rental, you might be having some difficulties when it comes to personalizing it. Seeing as how it is not your own, you probably don’t see the point of investing too much money in this endeavour but you still want it to feel like a home regardless of how long you will be staying there. So, while you should check with your landlord first to see what you are allowed to do, here are some easy projects you can do around the rental to transform it into paradise during your stay.

Rely on paint

Most landlords shouldn’t have any problems with you giving the rental a fresh coat of paint, especially because they won’t have to pay for it. However, they might have a problem if you make the space too peculiar. So, stick to neutrals like greys and off-whites but consult them if you would like a bold statement wall in the living room or the kitchen, for example. Moreover, you can also offer to repaint the wall before you move out if they don’t like it.

Transform with wallpaper

On the other hand, if your landlord says no to paint, you still have options. It’s easy to find and install wallpaper that can be removed before you go. These come in various colours and patterns so you can use them on every wall or only for a centrepiece and transform any room you want, from the bedroom to the bathroom. What is more, they are reasonably priced as well.

Replace the hardware

When it comes to details, there is nothing that can transform a room better than hardware. It’s not uncommon for landlords to opt for the cheapest options they can find here so if that is the case with your rental too, you should find new faucets and drawer handles that suit your style better. These are easy to replace and you can take them with you to your next home.

Swap out the light fixtures

Just like you can replace other pieces of hardware, you can also replace the light fixtures. From getting new table lamps to scoring a stunning chandelier at a flea market, breathing new life into space has never been easier. Swap out every fixture you don’t like but make sure you keep them so that you can put them back and get your deposit back.

Bring in fresh flowers

Something that rentals most certainly don’t come with is greenery. So, if you haven’t already, bring some plants into your temporary home to clean the air and boost your mood. Before you get houseplants, do a bit of research to see which ones are best suited to the conditions your home can provide them with. Even though there are some low-maintenance plants that can grow in almost all conditions, perhaps you don’t like the responsibility of taking care of them. In that case, you can order flowers online and have them delivered on a regular basis. That way, you will have no obligation to water and feed the plants but your home will still have a touch of nature.

Make it cozy with pillows and blankets

To make your bedroom or living room cozier, you can add plenty of pillows and blankets. Put them on your bed, the sofa, and the armchairs. This addition will make movie night much more pleasant, it will not cost you much, and it will do plenty for the visual aspect as well. These can be in solid, bold colours or have an interesting pattern on them.

Get new curtains

Even if the rental came with curtains, you most likely don’t like them. Getting new curtains online is super quick and you can transform the entire home in just a few days. Other than making sure they look pretty, you should also think about their functionality. If you sleep during the day or like to take afternoon naps, they should also be able to stop the sun from coming into your home.

Find a soft rug

Another addition that doesn’t have to be expensive at all is a soft rug or a few. You can put one next to the bed so that you always step on something warm when you get out of bed and you can place one in the living room to make it cozier. It can be shaggy and it doesn’t have to be – with so many options, you can choose those that fit the aesthetics of each room best.

Add a headboard to your bed

If you’re not opposed to DIY projects, you can even make a headboard for your bed. From simply hanging a macramé behind your bed to making the most of a vintage room divider all the way to adding an enlarged photo print to a piece of plywood, there are many one-of-a-kind solutions to consider. Depending on the approach you choose, this can be a very inexpensive project that will do wonders for the bedroom.

Display interesting art

Every home needs a bit of art to make it unique. So, you can feature whatever art you like best, whether it’s your own photography or paintings, or someone else’s work. You can create a statement wall with many pieces or spread these around the house. If you don’t want to make holes in the walls, you can look into ways of hanging artwork without them or simply display it on a shelf.

Put some thought into the bathroom

Finally, it’s often the bathroom that we need to work on the most in rentals as it can be hard to properly relax in an unfamiliar space. So, to make it homier, replace the shower curtain and the bathmat. Consider putting your towels on an open shelf and arrange all your toiletries so that they are easily reached. If you don’t have enough storage, you can always find plenty of clever DIY storage solutions, such as taking advantage of cabinet doors, making the most of hooks, and finding quality magnetic organizers.

As you can see, there are many things you can do to make the rental you are currently in feel more like home. What is more, certain details can make it a true paradise so let your imagination run wild.

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