Benefits Of Flexo Printing

Benefits Of Flexo Printing

If it were not for the printing press, a lot of us would be illiterate today, and the world could still be stuck in the 15th century. Paper has changed a lot of things, and that is one of the reasons why we have progressed so far as a society. 

Writing allows you to put your thoughts on something that can be transported into the future because a spoken word gets lost in an instant. However, having a way to mass-produce that single piece of paper allowed everyone to reach breakthroughs in the fields of science, literature, chemistry, and basically everything that’s modern at the moment. 

How did it all start? 

Everything started in the sixth century when the Chinese invented wooden matrices that were carved with a piece of metal. Then, they added ink to the wood and laid a piece of paper on top. That was the beginning of mass production. Follow this page to read more 

A millennium after that, Johannes Gutenberg invented the modern printing press. It took him an entire year of experiments to land on the final product. There were a couple of breakthroughs for which he is known. First, he borrowed a page from the books of the artists. 

He used oil-based ink to create his copies, which lasted for a much longer time. Then, he used antimony, tin, and lead in his machine, which made it more robust. Finally, he copied the bible more than 180 times in a single run. 

That is an amazing breakthrough for the 15th century. After that, things started to speed up a lot. The industrial revolution worked as a fast-forward button that changed the entire world. Now, the technology is so advanced that it is almost astounding how far we’ve come. 

What’s Flexo printing? 

Benefits Of Flexo Printing

At the moment, this type of printing is most popular when it comes to mainstream labels. It is flexible, productive, and high-quality compared to other types. It is not one of the newest methods, but it is the most practical. Click here to read more. 

If you want to manufacture loads of custom labels in a brief period, then this is definitely the right choice. The reason for the name is because the plate that is moving is flexible and made of photopolymers. 

A couple of decades ago, rubber was used instead of that material, which made smudges if it was not handled correctly. Now, that has been improved upon, even though the plates are moving at much higher speeds than before. 

There are small holes through which the ink goes through, and there is a different plate for every color, so they don’t mix. It is quite diverse since it can be used on packages, sleeves, cardboard, paper, and thin films. One of the most interesting breakthroughs in the last couple of years is the use of UV inks, which are adaptable and only seen under specific conditions.  

What are the advantages and disadvantages? 

Before you do anything, you need to know about the pros and the cons. First, the equipment for flexo printing is quite cheap. That also goes for the maintenance. Because they are widely used, parts can easily be replaced, even though they don’t break down often. 

Secondly, the entire process is quite easy to master, and it gives you as much control as you want. Everyone can learn the basics in less than a couple of hours. However, if you want to perform advanced techniques, then you need a bit more experience. 

Next comes the complete elimination of additional work. This is a machine that does it all. It cuts, laminates, varnishes, and, most importantly, prints. The output is always the same, and there is almost no waste that comes out on the other end. Any material can be used, and it can run for hours for large orders.  

Now, the main disadvantage is that it is time-consuming to switch to a new version. Also, even though the maintenance is easy, that does not mean that it is not time-consuming. If you want this machine to last for decades, then you need to care for it properly. This means that you need to count in the time for your employees to properly check every part before turning it on and off.  

A few final words 

Hopefully, now you understand why this method is the most widely used one in the entire world. It is one of the most common techniques, and it helps a lot to know the basics if you want to improve customer experience and bring innovative solutions to the table. 

Even though the world is trying to go digital, there is still a lot of power on a piece of paper. The pen is mightier than the sword, but it is also mightier than a keyboard. Finally, you should know that this method has no effects on the environment because of green innovations in the field.  

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