These Plants Will Keep Bugs Away from Your House!

These Plants Will Keep Bugs Away from Your House!

If you have an outdoor space or a garden, you probably have various plants, flowers, bushes, and even a few trees to add a bit of greenery. If you have bugs in your house, your garden can actually help you get rid of the problem. There are many beautiful and sweet-smelling plants that humans find appealing, but the aroma of those very plants can help repel mosquitoes and various insects. 

These plants would not wipe out the entire population of bugs from your place, but they can certainly send them in another direction while simultaneously making your garden space prettier. If the problem does not go away with some gardening, you can always turn to Leon Valley pest control services. 

Plants that can help avoid bugs from entering your house 

1. Citronella grass. 

You may already be familiar with citronella because of its properties to drive mosquitoes away. However, the truth is that the plant alone does not do the trick. Upon crushing the leaves, citronella produces oil that effectively prevents mosquitoes. You can still plant them in your outdoor seating area. 

2. Basil. 

Basil repels house flies and mosquitoes. You can plant basil indoors or in your garden where you like to relax, or near the entrances to your house. Basil is used in various recipes, so you get a free ingredient along with an effective bug repellent. 

3. Lavender. 

Humans adore the smell of lavender. Bugs, not so much. Moths, fleas, flies, and mosquitoes hate lavender. You can place bouquets of this flower in various places inside your house where bugs are most likely to attack. Make sure you plant them in the sunny areas of the garden. Lavender-infused body oil can also be applied directly to your body to repel insects. 

4. Marigolds. 

Marigolds are bright yellow and orange colored flowers that not only beautify your garden but also contain an ingredient known as Pyrethrum, which is used in various bug repellents. You can place planted marigolds in little pots inside your house and your garden as well. 

5. Mint. 

Mint is used in various products in our daily lives, from mouthwash to mint-flavored iced tea. However, the same ingredient has been seen in multiple commercial repellents and is known as one of the most promising for preventing mosquitoes and some spiders. You can place mint plants in small pots in various areas of your house. 

If you are looking to add some more greenery to your outdoor space or inside your house, it is a better option to consider plants that can deal with pests along with being beautiful and fragrant. However, if you are not into gardening, you can rely on professional pest control services to do the work. 

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