Blog Like Boss, Blog Organizing Goals 2019


Wow, 2018 flew by so fast that I didn’t accomplish everything I had wanted to on my blog.  This year, I’m one step ahead of myself as I’ve been working on ways to organize my time more efficiently as well as to organize more blog posts for the new year.   With new goals in sight, I’m anticipating that my new year will be more productive.  With my new goals still fresh in my mind, I went ahead and ordered a couple of products I believe will help me to be more productive in the new year. I looked through so many sites at so many products, I was beginning to think I’d never find what I was looking for, but eventually, I did and I made my first purchase for my blog geared towards the new year.

Blog Like Boss, Blog Organizing Goals 2019

Blog Like Boss, Blog Organizing Goals 2019

Even at my age I still need encouragement at times to complete everything I want to as well as an organized workspace.  When everything is in place, I work so much better.  When it’s not, I feel flustered and can’t get my rear in gear.  Seriously.  In 2018 I relied heavily on sticky notes.  Getting rid of the sticky notes is one of my goals for the new year.  I’m not saying there is anything wrong with sticky notes, I’m sure I’ll still use them some, but I need to write things down in an area designated specifically for my blog goals.  Sticky notes get lost, they fall off, my dog and cat play with them, and things happen. In my home, my dog really does eat my homework. Learning from my mistakes of 2018, I knew that I’d rather have everything all in one place, and luckily as I stated above, I finally found the perfect product (products) to serve my blogging needs.   The first thing I found was a “Blog Like a Boss” journal from Purple Trail.

Blog Like Boss, Blog Organizing Goals 2019

Blog Like Boss, Blog Organizing Goals 2019

When I saw the Blog Like a Boss journal, I knew I had found my perfect companion.  To start with, everything is handmade and customizable from start to finish on Purple Trail.  I was able to add to the journal to make sure it was exactly what I needed.  I even added laminate to the journal because I know how clumsy I can be and I didn’t want to have my cover tear.  I added a pocket inside for notes and stickers (because one never outgrows stickers) as well as my name and blog site.  Yes, I’m vain like that but the reasoning is that when I’m at a blog event, and I lay my planner down, everyone will know it’s mine and it won’t get mixed up with anyone else’s.  I love blog events, and unlike a lot of people who tend to record speakers, I write down the points I want to remember.  I remember things much more clearly if I take the time to write them down.

Blog Like Boss, Blog Organizing Goals 2019

Blog Like Boss, Blog Organizing Goals 2019

Blog Like Boss, Blog Organizing Goals 2019

Blog Like Boss, Blog Organizing Goals 2019

Blog Like Boss, Blog Organizing Goals 2019

I also bought a Cute Desk Doodle Weekly Planner Notepad. It is also fully customizable to suit anyone’s needs. I opted out of customization because it provided exactly what I needed as it was.  I can write in the week and I can make notes for each day as well as the weekend.  There were different colors to choose from and I selected the one I thought would most match my planner and I have to say that the design is a fave of mine.  It’s a nice roomy  11″ x 8.5″ while not being enormous and taking over my entire desk.

Blog Like Boss, Blog Organizing Goals 2019

Blog Like Boss, Blog Organizing Goals 2019

Blog Like Boss, Blog Organizing Goals 2019

I love the look of both of my new organization products and I’m certain you will as well when you order your own. While I was at Purple Trial ordering my new goods, I noticed that they have a refer a friend option. What that means is that if you order anything from Purple Trial using my link, you’ll receive $10 and so will I (on orders $50+ only). We both win. They offer fully personalized planners, content planners, invites and other customized products. Be sure to check out their wedding planners if you or anyone you know is getting married. And their meal planners! I’ve got my eye on one I have fallen in love with, for myself. What goals do you have for 2019? Is getting organized one of them?

Blog Like Boss, Blog Organizing Goals 2019

Disclaimer:  Affiliate links enclosed.

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22 thoughts on “Blog Like Boss, Blog Organizing Goals 2019

  1. Oh gosh I need to get more organized on my blog. I feel like every other area of my life is super organized except my blog! Oops!

  2. I would love to have one of these planners! I had major health issues in 2018, unable to work full time on my blog. I could use this planner to get more more organized.

  3. Babushka needs MAJOR organization for her blog- and life in general if she’s truthful. Gracias for reminding BB about planners, she tends to just put things on a todo list.

  4. This blog planner sounds like exactly what I need for this year. Thanks for the useful information

  5. I am curious about this blogging planner and wondering if I could use one to help me blog even better in 2019! Currently using an Erin Condren planner. Cheers to 2019!

  6. I’m totally obsessed with my planner. It’s made my year so much easier, especially with my blog!

  7. This looks like a fabulous planner! I need to get a new one because my last planner ended today. Thanks for sharing how you stay organized.

  8. I’m so bad with organizers. I forget about them completely. ^_^;;
    Thankfully I did okay in 2018 with blogging, I hope to do even better in 2019 though!

  9. Thanks for sharing! I’m hoping to take my blog to another level next year and this would definitely help. I have to say I am a little disorganized.

  10. Thi slooks like one of the best organizers for bloggers yet. I need to get my calendar in order for Q1, but I am almost completely done, thanks for the reminder. Break is almost over

  11. I am definitely setting up a blog schedule this year. Last year, I started one somewhat but by mid year I was all over the place. This would be perfect to help keep bloggers on track

  12. I’m so obsessed with planners and this is the one I was looking for to help grow my blog. I’m definitely going to be using your link! Your pictures were awesome because before I buy a planner. I like to know all the details on the inside of a planner.

  13. What a great organizer … I love it! I especially like that it has a place for your stats, so you can easily flip back through and see how you’re trending over time.

  14. I would LOVE to get more organized as a blogger, and this looks like a great tool! A few years ago, I tried keeping a blog calendar and it worked for about a month before I got overwhelmed and had to take my blogging break. Might need to get back into it again!

  15. WOW! I think I need to get this planner! It might get me more organized than what I am right now! Perfect planner!

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