Chalk of the Town T Shirts and Totes

Well, it’s almost Halloween and then Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here in a minute.  Time flies when you’re having fun and we are having the time of our lives with my new T-Shirts and Totes from Chalk of the Town.  With so many colors and styles to choose from, they have something for everyone, adults, and children.  Their totes would make a great any day or even Christmas gift for teachers.  They have everything you need to create your own masterpiece from markers (some items come with markers) to cute stencils of everything imaginable.  They even have the cloths to erase your work to start over. Unlike a lot of chalkboard markers, these are really simple to erase with a damp cloth.

Chalk of the Town T Shirts and Totes

Chalk of the Town T Shirts and Totes

My neighbor’s daughter who is my right hand and comes over every day to help me out with things I’m not able to do (failed back surgery) volunteered to hand out candy for me tomorrow night and I wanted to give her something special for helping me all the time.  I ordered a couple of shirts for her and a tote for myself and I let her make a shirt to wear to hand out Halloween candy.  I think she did a great job on it, and she also made a shirt for everyday wear.  She had the most fun drawing, erasing, drawing again, until she got everything just right.  Now she has two new shirts that she will be able to draw on to go with the ongoing themes at school, including but not limited to football, soccer, etc.

Chalk of the Town T Shirts and Totes

She did such a great job that I even let her design my new Chalk of the Town tote.

Chalk of the Town T Shirts and Totes

Scoot on over to Chalk Of The Town to learn more and make your own purchases.  These would make unique gifts for Christmas for yourself, your kids, or even student teachers.

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