Careers That Will Keep You Busy, Physically

Careers That Will Keep You Busy, Physically

For many people the thought of sitting behind a desk all day every day is unappealing, to say the least. Lots of people want to be able to get out and about and have the freedom and flexibility to be on their feet and move throughout the day. If that sounds like you then consider some of these careers that are sure to keep you busy and, quite literally, on your toes all day. 


As a lifeguard, you will be responsible for ensuring a safe environment for swimmers either at pools, lakes, beaches, or any body of water. Lifeguards are expected to monitor swimmers and their safety in the water and are on hand to provide potentially life-saving assistance. It goes without saying that as a lifeguard you will have to be a strong swimmer, physically fit, a trained first aider, and have completed some water safety certification. 


Performers are required to perform their craft every day and have the stamina to do so. Learning lines, acting, dancing, and performing on stage in any capacity requires a great deal of dedication. You have to dedicate weeks, if not longer, to rehearsals and potentially years to learning and perfecting your craft. Shen Yun performers for example spend years learning and developing their gymnastic, dance, and performance skills and that is before they have even been selected for a role in the show. 


If you like getting outside and getting dirty then a career in gardening could be the perfect option. Gardeners are responsible for the design, layout, and upkeep of gardens. They are required to keep lawns trimmed, weeds at bay, and ensure the garden is watered and primed at all times. As a gardener you will spend a large amount of your time, standing, walking, kneeling, and hauling heavy equipment around. Whether you intend it to or not, gardening is likely to keep you physically fit. 


The role of a firefighter is physically and mentally challenging. In fact, you will be required to possess a certain level of fitness and stamina to even be selected as a firefighter. Your duties will involve responding to fires and emergencies, which could see you climbing ladies, carrying heavy objects (including people), and operating heavy machinery. A level of physical fitness is essential for your safety and the safety of the public.


It might not seem like the obvious career choice to keep you physically active but nurses are on their feet pretty much all of the day and will do a surprisingly large number of steps as a result. Nurses will commonly report on how busy their long shift has been and how they seldom have time to sit and take a break. What is more, nurses can be required to help lift and maneuver patients by getting them in and out of bed, into wheelchairs, and helping them to walk. Where necessary nurses will also be required to turn patients while in their bed, requiring a considerable amount of strength. 

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