Grow Pineapple Trees, Like a Boss

Grow Pineapple Trees, Like a Boss

Grow Pineapple Trees Indoors or Outdoors

I’m going to share a secret with you. I don’t have a green thumb. Anything I’ve ever purchased pre-potted is going to die. I know it when I buy it but that doesn’t stop me from continuing to buy pretty flowers. I can, however, start my own plants from seeds and they grow unbelievably well. I don’t know why. I can grow anything from fruit trees to any kind of vegetable, from a single seed.

One day, I decided I wanted to see how easy it was to grow a pineapple tree from a pineapple. It was so ridiculously easy, I’ve started quite a few and have given them away as gifts. You too can grow pineapple trees like a boss, even if you don’t have a green thumb.

Here’s how….

2 things you’ll want to keep in mind. Pineapple trees don’t need much dirt so they do well as indoor plants. Yes, you read that right. You can have pineapples growing indoors. The other rule of thumb to remember is that pineapple trees don’t need much water. The soil cannot be soggy. That’s a big no-no.

This is the perfect time to start your pineapple tree. Keep it indoors throughout the winter months, and by summer, you will be able to set it outdoors. I always bring mine in during the fall. They don’t like cold weather.

Step 1

Pick out a pineapple.

Grow Pineapple Trees, Like a Boss

Step 2

Cut the pineapple using a Pineapple Slicer, Peeler, and Corer.

Grow Pineapple Trees, Like a Boss

Step 3

Let dry for several days.

Grow Pineapple Trees, Like a Boss

Step 4

Make something yummy with the fruit. Don’t skip this step :).

Grow Pineapple Trees, Like a Boss

Step 5

Cut all of the fruit from the top until just the stem is showing. Peel back the leaves until you have about an inch of roots showing.

Grow Pineapple Trees, Like a Boss

Grow Pineapple Trees, Like a Boss

Grow Pineapple Trees, Like a Boss

Step 6

Plant the pineapple in a shallow pot or do as I do and reuse those plastic ice cream containers you have lying around. You can use organic soil if you prefer to grow organically.

Grow Pineapple Trees, Like a Boss

Year 1
Grow Pineapple Trees, Like a Boss

Grow Pineapple Trees, Like a Boss

Year 2
You should see your first fruit in about 2 years. Be watching for the bloom.

Grow Pineapple Trees, Like a Boss

P.S. You can plant these outdoors if you have an area where they will avoid the frost and if you have plenty of room because they multiply.

What is your favorite slushie recipe using fresh pineapple? I’d love to try it.

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  1. I’d love to have a green house room. I’d probably have better luck with plants I buy, lol.

  2. I hope you’ll try it and pass your results along to others.

  3. It takes runners longer than it takes growing them this way.

  4. That’s awesome that he wants to grow one. Plants help improve air quality.

  5. These are much easier to me than growing veggies. And you’re very welcome.

  6. How fun and what a great memory for her to cherish.

  7. I hope you’ll give it a try sometime.

  8. It’s pretty cool looking in my opinion.

  9. My grand kids are amazed at how fast they grow. They love helping me care for the trees.

  10. What an amazing place to live and I bet she was able to plant pineapple any time of year outdoors, there.

  11. It does well in any soil that I’ve ever tried.

  12. I love pineapple in my drinks as well. And so many of my recipes. It’s amazing in homemade pimento cheese.

  13. I don’t know why but I always start mine in fall. I will have to try one next spring to see how well that goes.

  14. It’s one of the easiest plants I’ve ever attempted to grow and of course the rewards are tasty.

  15. I’d love to know how it turns out for you.

  16. That sounds like a great combination for a delicious smoothie.

  17. It is fun especially if you let your kids help you.

  18. You’re going to be surprised at how easy it is. Just remember to let the top dry well before peeling back the leaves and planting.

  19. I’ll have to try pineapples in my green smoothies the next time I make some.

  20. I really love them as well. So juicy and sweet.

  21. That’s awesome that you’re going to try this. So much fun for kids to get involved.

  22. I only have a concrete area to keep my plants on so I keep them potted. It’s easier for me. My daughters plants theirs in the yard though.

  23. It doesn’t take any effort at all. Everyone loves getting them as gifts and I’m going to start more next week to a couple of people in our local nursing home who loves plants.

  24. They are a hardy little tree and require very little care at all. I water mine with I think about it lol.

  25. I keep mine potted to bring indoors when the weather starts getting cooler.

  26. They are my favorite fruit as well. Fresh pineapple burns my lips though for some odd reason, unless I refrigerate for a couple of days before eating. It’s so good with cottage cheese.

  27. They make a cool plant for your house while you wait though :).

  28. You’re very welcome. I have to warn you that it’s a bit addicting to start new trees lol.

  29. I hope you have a lot of success when you start your own pineapple tree.

  30. I hope you have as much fun with your plants as I do mine, lol. I love to give them as gifts.

  31. It’s so easy even for me and I don’t have a green thumb either.

  32. I haven’t tried planting a pineapple. I don’t have a green thumb though, so I hope it can survive.

  33. What?! Guess who is buying some pineapple this weekend? Yep me! Gotta try this!

  34. This is awesome. I would have never thought to do this. I might try it soon. – Yolonda

  35. Wow, I would have never thought of this. I’ll definitely going to try this since it sounds like it’s effortlessly easy. Thanks for sharing this ingenious idea!

  36. I love pineapples. I just don’t think I am patient enough to wait 2 years for one!! It is a cool process though!

  37. I love pineapples. Pineapples is my favorite fruit. I wish I could grow a pineapple in my yard and make fresh homemade shakes

  38. My father showed me this technique and we have grown our little pineapple trees in our backyard. Over here, I can’t seem to make it live longer when the weather changes.

  39. My goodness, this is quiet amazing. I never know you could grow pineapple trees indoor as well. Such a simple & great idea which I could use as we have lot of space in our front yard.

  40. Awww sorry you are missing her.

  41. My grandma can do this! I missed her so much, she is a great planter.

  42. I had no clue that this is possible, very interesting! Two years sounds like a real while though I don’t see any real effort in cooperating with their growth anyway, it’d be nice to grow one.

  43. I think it would be fun to try. I’d not want a bunch though… so maybe I’d plant them at my son’s house and just take a few, hahaha

  44. Oh my goodness I love this!! I didn’t know it was simple an that it looked so pretty when it grew! We eat pineapples all the time gonna give this a shot

  45. This is so neat and I told me husband just recently that I wanted a greenhouse to grow pineapples! I just love them!

  46. What a cool trick! I’m so going to try that the next time we have fresh pineapple. I don’t make a lot of slushies. We use pineapple in green smoothies.

  47. Oh my, I love pineapples! I am so going to try this because I’ve been wanting for ages now to plant at home.

  48. This looks like fun! I’d love to grow a pineapple tree.

  49. I love to add pineapple to my strawberry banana smoothies. I will have to try growing my own pineapple tree.

  50. I’ve heard about being able to grow them like this. I keep forgetting to try it out though. I’ll have to pick up some pineapple and try growing one.

  51. I never knew about growing pineapples. This sounds and looks so easy to make!

  52. This is really cool. I didn’t know that you could grow pineapple trees like that but I am going to try this for sure. I think I will wait until the beginning of next season but it’s going down for sure!

  53. I love fresh pineapple, especially in my drinks! Who knew it was that easy to plant and grow your own!

  54. I have a pineapple that I need to cut up stat. I might have to plant my own pineapple tree. I just need to go get some soil.

  55. I grew up in Hawaii and my mom had pineapples growing in the backyard, so pineapples will always remind me of home. They’re also so cute when they start growing at the top of the crown!

  56. ohh wow I never knew this. I so want to do it now. Such a beautiful plant to grow

  57. I haven’t tried growing pineapples. This is a great idea, I love pineapples.

  58. Oh my gosh, how neat is that! It would be amazing to grow a pineapple like this. I love this idea!

  59. My daughter planted a pineapple tree with her great, great grandmother two years ago and ever since she is obsessed with growing them. 🙂

  60. I have always wondered how you plant a pineapple. We grow our own veggies and fruits out of seeds from previous plants. We couldn’t figure this one out. Thanks for sharing!

  61. My husband wants to grow one of these for his office, Ill share it with him!

  62. I’ve never tried planting a pineapple before! That’s pretty cool. I didn’t know it took them that long to bloom though. It would be nice to give this a try! Thanks for the idea!

  63. I remember a friend of mine used to grow pineapple trees when I was a kid. It was so funny seeing the tiny pineapple. Kind of makes me want to try it myself.

  64. Growing pineapples sounds like a ton of fun! I have a friend with a little kind of green house room. I’m going to ask for a corner and try my hand at it!

  65. This is so fun! I did this once, and I grew a pretty massive pineapple plant. The kids had a blast watching it grow.

  66. If you have a corner in your home to put it, you can grow one indoors.

  67. Looks like a great idea – if i only lived in an area like that

  68. You’re welcome. They are so easy to grow.

  69. OOhh Wow I didnt know I could grow Pineaple out of the tropics. And I am gonna grow one Yayyy! Thanks for the tips

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