Fun DIY Home Renovations That You Can Do with the Whole Family

Fun DIY Home Renovations That You Can Do with the Whole Family

Fun DIY Home Renovations That You Can Do with the Whole Family

Home renovations can be an exhausting process, especially when you don’t get any help! But what if someone tells you that help is just around the corner—and it can be from your kids at home!

Getting the kids involved in your home improvement projects may not seem like the brightest idea, but think about it. It does not only lighten your load, even just a little bit, but it will also give your kids something to be busy with. If you don’t know which projects should be fun and safe for your kids, here are some DIY home renovation ideas to try.

Gathering and Shopping for Materials

Kids love shopping with their parents—there are just so many items on store shelves to get their hands on! While you’re at it, give your kids something to focus on instead of giving them the freedom to roam all over the place.

When shopping for supplies that you need for your DIY home renovation project, explain to your kids why you’re buying a certain item and how you will use it at home. Don’t forget to ask for their input as well.

Most importantly, teach them how to stay safe when using certain tools. If needed, include kid-sized safety equipment that they can use, such as goggles or gloves, in your shopping list.

Painting the Walls

Painting is a great DIY task that you can share with kids. It is safe (just make sure to use kid-friendly paint) and easily a fun-filled project that they can participate in. While younger kids may not have the dexterity to paint a wall yet, your older kids can take satisfaction in covering a blank wall with fresh paint—especially if it is their room! Before starting on the project, make sure to have your kids wear old clothes or an apron to keep them from making a mess of their clothes.

Decorating the House

Aside from providing them with paper and crayons, another way to unleash your children’s creativity is to ask for their help in decorating your home. You may ask for their choice on which photos need to be framed and hung on your walls or which painting will go well in the living room. Decorating projects are a safe and easy home renovation task that your kids will enjoy.

Assembling Furniture

Thank God for Ikea’s “some assembly required” furniture; kids can now build a drawer with little to no assistance from adults! Sharpen your children’s problem-solving skills by giving them a challenging DIY assignment—assembling your newly bought furniture.

Don’t expect them to be great builders in an instant, though. Help them with the directions, but let them take the lead in the construction. Kids always love it when they see their creation successfully coming to life!

If you are planning to change your toilet for some time now, another DIY option that you or your spouse can easily carry out is installing a Saniflo toilet, especially if plumbing isn’t your strong suit! It will only take four to six hours to install and will not require you to strip off your entire flooring, which is an inconvenience if you’ve got kids running around at home.

Gardening and Weeding

As much as we dislike it, most children just love to play in the dirt, so what better task to give them than doing some gardening? Ask them to help you out in clearing your garden by pulling out dandelions, watering the plants, and even planting a few seeds. It won’t only tick the task off your to-do list, but it will also serve as a learning opportunity for your kids that will prepare them for the real world in the future.

Getting your kids involved in home renovations may be an extra task that you can just put off, but the bonding moment and the values that you will inculcate in them early on are the things that will matter most in the end. Happy DIY-ing with the family!


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