Cheap Giveaway Ideas You Have Not Thought of Yet

Cheap Giveaway Ideas You Have Not Thought of Yet

Marketing your business is one of the biggest chunks of your budget. However, there are ways to stretch that money to the max. One of those ways is to host giveaways for potential customers.

Popular cheap promo giveaways items include pens, water bottles, and calendars. Working with a team that understands the buying patterns of your targeted audience allows you to come up with more unique ways to reach out.


Most people battle with memory issues, especially if they are extremely busy. While we live in the age of technology, many still enjoy old-fashioned pen and paper for jotting down notes. Companies often capitalize on this with notepads and pens. However, you can go a step further with customized journals. Consider reaching a target audience with eco-friendly products. People love owning one-of-a-kind items, and they love talking about them more. Not only will your targeted audience enjoy using the product you have given them for free, but they will tell their friends and family where they got it.

Luggage Tags

Traveling is something that millions of people do throughout the year. Normally they buy general luggage tags to identify which bag is theirs. However, with customized tags, you can create a unique item they need. Consider your targeted audience’s needs and monopolize on them. For example, add a distinctive design that is easy to spot from a distance and allows them to keep their information confidential. This is best done through a scannable QR code they can set up with an application. Others will notice the tag and the person scanning for the information, leading to a possible conversation about your business.


Drawstring bags and duffle bags are always in high demand. The fancier the luggage you select, the more it will cost you. Therefore, consider saving duffle bags for raffle giveaways. Raffles are a way to obtain leads and reward people for giving you information. You will have more space to put your name and business info on it, and they have the potential of reaching thousands of people.

Sunglasses Cases or Clips

People wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sun, but they need some way to store them when not in use. Custom printed cases or visor clips are inexpensive and used on a regular basis. They are also a great way to compliment a larger raffle giveaway. Consider gifting foldable sunglasses, glass cleaner or wipes, or other accessories that are more expensive to draw in more leads. A marketing team can help you determine the best way to optimize this style of promotional product.

The time is now to move away from only thinking small, disposable promotional products. People want items they can use and talk about. You do not need to break the budget with thousands of swag that people will toss at a moment’s notice. It is important to sit and consider what items will bring in leads, and this requires thinking outside the box.

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