Create the Five-Star Bathroom of Your Dreams

One of the great things about going away on vacation is that you might be staying in a luxurious hotel, filled with glitz and glamour. It can be a real treat to stay in places like that and can make you want to try and recreate those looks at home. Take the hotel bathroom, though; is there anything more luxurious and extravagant? A hotel-style bathroom can be just what you need to create some modern glamour in your home.

Filling your bathroom with fine features, classy finishing touches, will leave you feeling happy to come back to your home after staying in a hotel. So think grande and big, and take some of the features that you have found in hotels on your travels so that you can bring them into your bathroom at home to create a designer look. Whether it is for a bathtub resurfacing brisbane or for an en-suite, here are some things that will help you to achieve the look that you’re after.

Create the Five-Star Bathroom of Your Dreams

Tile All Over

The whole ‘wet room’ look oozes glamour as it is something that looks much more luxurious. And an easy way to bring that look into your bathroom at home is with floor-to-ceiling tiles. It might not be a look that you would have normally gone for, but it is what makes the difference between luxury and budget. Larger subway-style tiles can be a good idea, as they are much more sleek and modern looking than just having square tiles.

Freestanding Bath

If you are going to have a bathroom that is your luxury bathroom, then it has to have the main feature of a bathtub, right? And what is better for a bathtub than a freestanding bathtub? It would be just like the movies! And when you buy a beautiful freestanding tub it allows you to bathe and relax in style, the ultimate in hotel luxury, right in your own home.

Bold with Brass

If you want the bathroom to take on more of a rustic look, then using brass in the bathroom can help to give it a vintage, yet luxurious look. A brass faucet and hammered basin can help to create a retro but still classy vibe for your bathroom, making it stand out like no other. It can also be a good idea if you’re after a luxury look, but still like quite a down-to-earth country vibe, rather than too modern.

Create a Pamper Zone

Having a designated pamper area in the bathroom can be a great way to make use of the bathroom as a multifunctional space, as well as give it a luxurious feel. You could use built-in storage for the bathroom, or have a completely separate stand-alone desk to beautify and have your things on display. This can be perfect if it is a bathroom just off the master bedroom.

Have you got any other hints or tips that you think help you to create a look of luxury with your bathroom?

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