Rustic Bathrooms To Fulfill Your Log Cabin Dream

Rustic Bathrooms To Fulfill Your Log Cabin Dream

Although rustic is far from how you would describe a bathroom’s design, you can try re-creating the look in your very own home. Imagine a natural themed bathroom that will transport you back to when you were last at your countryside getaway. This is a makeover that will bring your vacationing dreams to the heart of your home.

To get started, here are some of the best and most cabin-esque bathroom makeovers shortlisted just for you. And once you’ve decided on a design, be sure to check out black friday bathroom deals to save on your renovation. 

Rustic Bathrooms To Fulfill Your Log Cabin Dream

A Sloped Ceiling

What suits a cabin-inspired bathroom other than the famous sloped awning? When installed in a bathroom, the cozy, villa-like vibes the ceiling brings will project a rustic bathroom aesthetic, wowing both your guests and your family members. To make it more trendy, you may want to introduce wood fixings for the perfect bubble bath nook. 

Simple is Key

Simplicity will never go out of trend. For rustic bathrooms, what works best is not overdoing it but keeping it clean and neutral. Minimal decorations such as retro furniture, coupled with natural wood fixtures will just as well get the job done in transforming your bathroom into one that came from the vintage eras. 

Neutrality is also Key

A bathroom inspired by the rural times does not have to necessarily be all dark colors and mahogany. Maintaining the lightness of your bathroom with neutrals of lighter shades can help to keep your bathroom breathable and spacious. Other hues you may want to explore are light wood, gray, and or white to keep the darkness at a minimum.

Adding Greenery

If you are hoping to achieve more of a jungle-like bathroom than a subtle cabin in the woods one, you may want to double on the greenery in your bathroom. A couple of plants that will flourish in your bathroom while being encompassed by a bathtub would project the aforementioned vibes. Don’t be afraid to use fake potted plants as they work just as well as the real plants. 

Woven Baskets

Something that seems to be always neglected is the substitution of materials used in storage spaces. A woven basket will do its job in helping you keep and organize all your bathroom necessities, as well as add a touch of rustic to your bathroom design. Besides, having a bathroom inspired by cabins does provide you more space and flexibility when it comes to storage spaces. 

Using Cement 

Although uncommon, the look of cement in a bathroom is an up and coming trend and best of all, it fits amazingly in rustic designs. Although it adds a rather rugged look, a cement sink, or even just using cement tiles will be the missing piece your rustic bathroom needs. Moreover, using cement gives you the best of both worlds – classy and vintage. 

Rustic Bathrooms To Fulfill Your Log Cabin Dream

Vintage Pieces

If you are a fan of thrift shopping or just window shopping at flea markets, why not decide to bring something quirky back into your bathroom? It is not unusual to have a few antique pieces in your bathroom, after all. A mirror with unique frames or a uniquely textured rug works perfectly and will help your bathroom scream the countryside. 

Patterned Rugs

Another tip is to ditch the plain old bathmat for one that is brimming with character. Colour and patterns are important when it comes to decorations, and we think that a bright woven mat will make your bathroom more memorable.

Introducing Art

To complete the look you are aiming for, a touch of personality is needed. What better way to let your guests be completely bowed over than by introducing an unusual painting? This will also enable your bathroom to have a point for guests to focus on, thus gaining their undivided attention towards the rest of the bathroom.

Natural Wood Pieces

For a bathroom that reminds you of a cabin, wood is naturally your best friend. Organic wood fixings or flawed pieces will immediately give your bathroom the rustic oomph it needs without compromising on modernism, A good way to start is to switch your vanity from a modern one to one made of wood.

A Farmhouse Look

Although we have mentioned multiple designs that will provide you rusticity, a crowd favorite would be a recreation of the contemporary farmhouse design. Farmhouses not only welcome you in with its cozy ambiance, but it is also the optimum alternative to get a good mix of both class and rural. Shiplap is therefore typically used in tile designs and is a vital aspect when deciding on a farmhouse look.

Hardwood Flooring

As the name suggests, this wood stained porcelain will replace your standard porcelain tiles, and complete the traditional, homely look. As an additional bonus, this specific tile material can soak up moisture well enough to not spoil that easily and prevents grout from growing. 

Mixing Eras

To keep your rustic lavatory more unique and in trend, you may want to blend in a variety of decorative styles. This will not only tone down any excessive cabin vibes but also allow you and your guest to feel awed by the mix of details of both contemporary and countryside in your bathroom. 

Exposing Bricks

It may be your first time hearing this term but the fact stands that using exposing bricks will add the touch of rustic flair to your bathroom. You can even choose to paint them the color of your choice or keep them as they are.

Clawfoot Makeover

Although very commonly seen, a clawfoot is an undeniable presence for a rustic feeling bathroom. However, coating it with a new layer of paint can bring the aesthetics to another level. You may even want to try adding in small details such as a small wooden stool to up the ante.

Showcase the Lights

It’s all about the details when it comes to making sure your bathroom projects rustic vibes and in this case, installing an antique light bulb can bring up the ambiance and mood to your bathroom. Having a yellow light will also increase the warmth and coziness of your DIY-ed spa. 

Strip the Walls

If you are thinking of going big or going home, well here’s a suggestion for you! Exposing everything, including the natural fixings and wooden fixtures in your bathroom will make your bathroom look like it just came out from a cabin. You can relive those great cabin memories after the walls have been stripped. You may also want to use wooden ceilings, just to ensure that from top to bottom, your bathroom is rustic-centric. 

Rustic Bathrooms To Fulfill Your Log Cabin Dream


A rustic bathroom option is something you should explore if you plan to renovate. With such homely vibes and a touch of present-day to it, who wouldn’t fall for it? Now that we have read through the multiple different ideas of recreating a cabin-inspired bathroom, pick your favorite and get started on renovating the bathroom of your dreams!

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