Date Night Details – 5 Ideas That Will Take Your Date Nights To The Next Level

Date Night Details - 5 Ideas That Will Take Your Date Nights To The Next Level

It’s nice to plan an exciting date night that both you and your partner can look forward to dressing up for. In fact, the simple act of donning your cutest dress and a pair of high heels can spice up the occasion on its own. 

As much as you want to make a good impression, how can you ensure that the date nights leave a lasting positive impression on you? Keep reading for five ways you can spruce up your date nights and keep the good vibes alive between you and your partner. 

1. Picnic At The Lake

Are you tired of the usual coffee and chat daytime date? Try a picnic with a view. There are many hotels that allow you to picnic on their premises. Some will actually set up an entire picnic area for you, complete with blankets and pillows. 

The breathtaking view offers an interesting talking point, and if you add gourmet wine hampers and delectable food to the mix, it’s hard to go wrong. Pairing wines with your meals will add to that element of fun and just make the date more exciting.

2. Why Talk When You Can Laugh?

If your relationship has reached a stage where you’ve discussed everything from world politics to global warming, then it might be time to go on a date where you can spend more time laughing instead of talking. 

Go to a comedy night for some side-splitting fun, and surround yourself with happy faces that’ll ignite your own sense of humor. The best part about this type of date night is that you don’t need to do much talking at all. 

3. Cooking Classes

Join a cooking class and cook up a storm with your partner. From learning how to perfectly spicy Italian pasta to whipping up a range of deliciously decadent desserts, this is a great way to sharpen your cooking skills while getting to know each other. You’ll help your partner be a hit in the kitchen while raising some interesting talking points.  

4. Surprises

If there’s one way to make your relationship exciting, it’s by throwing in a surprise every now and again. In fact, if you’re getting frustrated with the monotony of your current date night routine, then a pleasant surprise might just be what you need. 

Consider ordering a date night box from one of many online websites. Some of these date night boxes require you to dress up or even role play, which can certainly be a fun experience.  

However, something as small as surprising your loved one with some wine and take-out for dinner can also do the trick for a spouse who has just returned from a long and stressful workday. 

4. Games

If movies and the usual bar dates are boring you, perhaps you need to switch off the cell phones and have a good old-fashioned board game night. Choose some classical board games like Cluedo, Monopoly, and even Ludo to play for the night. 

You learn quite a lot about a person’s competitive side when playing a game. Beat your partner, lose to your partner, and just generally have a blast. 

Whether you’re married or have simply been dating the same person for a long time, it’s good to spice up your date nights every now and then. Eventually, everyone gets bored with the same old movie night and dinner dates. 

In addition to the tips above, consider visiting escape rooms, hiking up mountains, and getting a couple’s massage. Keep your mind open, and there are endless options available that can change your usual date nights into something more exciting.

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