Dating When You Don’t Want Kids: What Should You Do?

Dating When You Don’t Want Kids: What Should You Do?

Looking for love can be challenging as you’ll often come across people that might be potential partners, but they may hide dark secrets from you, or you quickly realize that you’re both incompatible in some ways.

If you want to seek a new love interest with a view to forging a relationship, the challenge can be even greater if you’ve made a conscious decision not to have children in the future.

Irrespective of the reasons behind your decision, you may find that some potential partners try to dissuade you from the idea or just plain become nasty with you for considering such an “unthinkable” idea.

You’re probably reading this article today because you need some help with your dating life, and you want to try and filter out people that both accept your decision and won’t try to make you change your mind. However, you’re unsure of what to do!

With the above in mind, take a look at the following helpful hints and tips to give you some inspiration:

Make It Clear In Your Dating Profile

If you use dating apps or websites, you will likely need to create a profile to give potential future partners some insight into you and your life. Your dating profile is the ideal opportunity to make it clear that you don’t want to have kids in the future.

You don’t need to explain why; that can be a conversation to have with your date in-person – and only if you feel comfortable doing so.

Be Honest And Direct With Your Date

One of the reasons dates end badly is because one or both parties aren’t being entirely honest about themselves or where they see themselves in the future. Don’t be one of those people. Instead, be up-front and direct with people you meet.

Some folks will tell you that having no expectations during a date is a surefire way to avoid disappointment. But you must also be open and honest with your dates if you expect the same thing back!

Seek Out Others That Want The Same Thing

You aren’t the first person in the dating world that doesn’t want children in the future, and you certainly won’t be the last! Assuming you make it clear about this subject in your dating profile, you’ll almost certainly attract the interest of people that also don’t want to have any kids.

For example, you might come across someone that’s had a vasectomy from somewhere like Pollock Clinics because they don’t want to procreate, or you may attract the interest of someone that can’t have children for medical reasons.

Ditch Dates That Try To Change Your Mind

What happens if you go on a few dates with someone that seemingly accepts your decision, but tries to change your mind in not-so-subtle ways? The best thing to do is ditch such people; they must be respectful of your choice.

Don’t Feel Guilty

Lastly, don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for not wanting to have kids in the future. Their issue with your decision is their problem – not yours!

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