The Most Common Relationship Troubles That Happen In The First Year

The Most Common Relationship Troubles That Happen In The First Year

Every relationship out there is going to have its ups and downs. Even when you like to work through things together and avoid arguments at all costs, you’re still going to face moments where the two of you seem like you’re on opposite sides. 

It’s normal, it’s common, but that doesn’t make those times any less troubling; being only a year into a relationship will only amplify this as well. However, when you know you’re not alone, it’s easier to come out the other side. As such, here are three of the most common first year issues to know about right now. 

You Don’t Know How to Talk to Each Other

It’s quite common for couples in their first year to find out they don’t really communicate very well, beyond what brought them together in the first place. If this is something you’re tackling right now, make sure to air the core issue loud and clear. Everyone has their own communication style, and that’s just fine – right now is simply about making those two mesh. 

To manage this, think about where the two of you go wrong in trying to talk to each other. What leads to arguments? What’s the most common thing you miscommunicate about? What’s going wrong in these conversations? What little communication habits have you picked up about the other person? When you can identify the answers, you can work on the way you talk to each other quite easily. 

You Move Too Quickly

The honeymoon phase, as it’s quite often known, is that time when everything is rosey and perfect between the two of you. it usually comes to the end after the first year of being together. That’s when you start to pick up on the little annoyances in your relationship and arguments are far more likely to occur. 

The honeymoon phase is also responsible for people moving in together too quickly, or even popping the question after only a month or so. If this happens to you, and now the feeling is fading, don’t panic! You probably don’t need guidance around divorce laws adultery yet, but that is an option available to you. Talk things through with your partner and see where you’re both standing right now – honestly. 

You’re Still Uncovering Each Other’s Opinions

Following on from our original point, the first year is when you tend to uncover someone’s personal beliefs and deeply held values. You may uncover opinions you’ve never heard them speak out loud before, and these may even be opinions you disagree with. 

Of course, if anything truly offends your own values, this relationship may not be right for you. However, sometimes what someone else thinks is simply different to our own. Make sure you dig down into the deeper issue and find out what’s going on; do you just not like your partner’s opinion because they’ve disagreed with yours? 

Relationship troubles can be worked through. Identify them and use tips like these on your journey. 

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