Dental Care: Efficient and Quick Wisdom Teeth Removal in Jasper

Dental Care: Efficient and Quick Wisdom Teeth Removal in Jasper

Teeth growing is a strategic process that occurs with time in a person’s lifetime. Even though science proves wisdom teeth are not valuable for modern-day people, they are the last set of growing teeth that signify their maturity. Located at your jaw’s end, they break through your gum line in between when you are 17 to 24. Unfortunately, their positioning in the human mouth is restricted, and growth might be painful. An estimated five million people in America have specialists remove their wisdom teeth because of discomfort, pain, and other cases. This short-lived outpatient procedure helps protect your oral health and is almost pain-free. Specialists at Advanced Dental Care remove Wisdom Teeth in Jasper, Texas, and take patient appointments at the offices. Call or book a session online to discuss your wisdom teeth condition with our renowned specialists, including Dr. Eric Koch. 

The compact set is sometimes stuck beneath the gums because of little space. If this happens, the stuck tooth could cause other potential dangers to your oral health, such as gum disease, infection, and tooth decay. Contact us to discover whether you should get your wisdom teeth removal procedure and ask other questions related to the process.

 Should everyone undergo wisdom teeth removal?

Although rare, some people are lucky to have no issues with their wisdom teeth. Make your appointment whenever you start experiencing symptoms like:

  • Bad breath
  • Difficulty in mouth opening 
  • Swollen, bleeding, or red gums
  • Pain or any swelling in your jaw area
  • An unpleasant continuous mouth taste

You should also see a wisdom teeth specialist like Dr. Koch when you cannot reach the wisdom teeth when you floss and brush your teeth.   

Do patients benefit from removing their wisdom teeth?

Our doctors conduct a thorough oral examination and analyze previous dental history to determine whether you will benefit from getting your wisdom teeth removed. They then order X-ray images that assess your condition and the location of your teeth in case they are stuck beneath the gum line. The final determining factor is checking whether the tooth has enough room for growth. If there is inadequate room, removal might be better to avoid patient discomfort. 

 What does the removal process involve?

The outpatient procedure is performed while the patient is under minimal local anesthesia. If you have a more pronounced gag reflex or dental anxiety, the doctors offer IV sedation which puts the patient to sleep during the procedure. 

Once anesthesia numbs the area, Dr. Koch uses an elevator, a tool designed to loosen a specific tooth. He then retrieves all loose teeth using forceps. Clean gauze is packed inside the empty tooth socket, and then the team moves the patient into a recovery space where they are observed. 

After treatment, Dr. Koch writes up prescription medication to deal with the existing pain and antibiotics. With these drugs, you are then sent home with recovery instructions aimed at protecting your oral health. 

 How long is the recovery period, and are there restrictions?

The recovery process is dependent on a person’s healing rate and whether they follow the specialist set instructions. After removal surgery, you may experience increased sensitivity or minimal swelling. Following the outpatient procedure, only take soft foods for several days. You could eat soup, mashed potatoes, or scrambled eggs. Avoid smoking or rinsing out the mouth during your recovery, and remember to take medication as recommended by your dentist. Following a strict guide, you might heal in about two weeks.  


You do not have to stick with pain because of dentist fear. Alternative techniques ensure minimal pain and faster recovery compared to traditional wisdom teeth removal methods. We also offer clear-cut recommendations and prescriptions after the procedure to ensure your wound healing is optimal. Please schedule a session with Dr. Eric Koch to determine if you could undergo an efficient wisdom teeth removal at Advanced Dental Care of East Texas.      


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