No More Anxiety When Visiting Your Dentist

No More Anxiety When Visiting Your Dentist

How do you feel when it is time to visit your dentist? Research shows that many people experience fear and anxiety when they have dentist appointments. If you are among them, a solution for you is here. Sedation dentistry can take away some of your tenses. This is a type of dentistry that uses medications to help you relax during any dental procedure.

You can get sedation dentistry in Richmond at Brightwork Family Dentistry and enjoy the anxiety-free experience. This can also help you avoid dental phobia as you receive dental care. Dr. Benjamin J. Crowley, your provider, is licensed and professionally trained to administer sedations, and therefore, you can be sure it is safe. That way, you can get dental procedures such as dental implants from syracuse NY without fear.

Levels of Sedation Dentistry

Typically, there are four levels, namely minimal, moderate, deep, and general anesthesia. Minimal sedation allows you to remain awake entirely during the procedure but relaxed. Moderate sedation makes you groggy, meaning you will be too relaxed to remember what was happening, although you stay conscious. You are slightly aware of deep sedation, and if you are under general anesthesia, it means you are entirely unconscious.

What determines what level you will receive is your tolerance for sedative medications and the type of treatment you need.

Types of Sedation You can Get

Depending on your assessment results, you can receive oral sedation or nitrous oxide. Oral sedation is usually a particular pill taken about an hour before your initial procedure to relax and calm you. The dosage depends on your state of relaxation. Nitrous gas is commonly referred to as the laughing gas and is administered through a mask and makes you relax when you breathe it.

How to Ensure a Safe Sedation Dentistry

There are chances of complications when getting anesthesia. However, it can be entirely safe when given by an experienced dentist. Always confirm the dentist’s credentials and ensure that they are trained and qualified for the task. Also, you can ensure the following:

  •       Discuss your medical history with your doctor
  •       ask questions about the dose that is appropriate for your age and health
  •       Find out how many procedures your provider has performed
  •       Enquire the risks associated with the procedure

The benefits you Get for Using Sedation Benefits

Anxiety Relief

This is the most positive aspect of sedation dentistry you can gain, especially if you get nervous about visiting a dentist. This will help you to receive dental care more comfortable and encourage you to seek more respect in the future when the need arises.

Reduced Gag Reflex

Although gag reflex is a good thing, it can hinder your dentist from providing optimal dental care. This is because it can prevent your provider from going deep inside the oral cavity when there is a need to do so. Also, spasms can cause damage, but with sedation dentistry, all this is managed.

The Dentist Works Faster

When you are relaxed on the chair, you give the dentist ample time to carry on any procedure faster and more efficiently. This is because your provider is not distracted by your reactions and squirming behaviors.

Pain Relief

This is one of the main reasons that sedation has become more popular in recent days. Everyone desires pain-free dental care, and while under sedatives and anesthetics, you will surely not experience pain.

If you have avoided some much-needed dental care because of fear and anxiety, sedation dentistry is the right option for you.

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