A Guide To Party Supplies

If you are someone who likes to get arty and creative then this article has just the treat for you. You will discover advice on four fun-filled DIY projects that are centered on party supplies. These four projects are as follows; table runners, garlands, placeholders, and table paper number signs.

Not only are all of these party decorations and supplies extremely fun to make but they are also highly cost-effective as well. They are all centered on saving you a substantial amount of money. After all, everybody knows that very rarely are parties cheap to throw. You want to keep your money for fun things, like magicians and photobooths! Head to for more information on this, or, keep on reading to discover more about these incredible DIY party projects…


At parties whereby there is a sit-down meal and a large number of people, you are likely to require placeholders. There are plenty of companies online that are selling placeholder party supplies. They aren’t too expensive either. However, they are definitely an unnecessary expense and something you can create yourself without spending barely any cash at all. All you need is some good quality card and a nice gel or calligraphy pen. Get creative according to age.  An example would be for 1st birthday decorations, you could cut the card into a fun shape such as a butterfly (which for some people may result in the need to purchase a stencil) and then use the pen to write on the person’s name in question. Most people prefer calligraphy over the printed option anyway. If your handwriting isn’t the best simply enlist a friend to give you a helping hand. You can then slide the piece of card into the folks. It looks fantastic and is extremely innovative.


Garlands are really easy to create and the good thing about them is that there is a wealth of possibilities. Whilst the table numbers may be suited to weddings and big birthday events and the table runner may be more suited to children’s parties, DIY garland party supplies are suited to all. The most obvious option is to buy yourself some string and then cut tissue paper into various patterns and attach it. Nevertheless, you can get a lot more inventive than this. One fantastic option is the use of cupcake cases. As you know; you can get a wealth of differently designed cupcake cases. From polka dots, to checks, to love hearts; the options are endless. Don’t just play around with different designs either but use various sizes too.

Table Runner

You will struggle to find a table runner as fun and as exciting as the one you are about to read about. This is the lollypop stick table runner. It’s colorful and funky; making it ideal for birthday parties. So, how do you create this masterpiece? Well, you will need to save your lollypop sticks for a while and then you can begin by getting yourself several sheets of card in a color of your choice. You will barely be able to see the card so don’t worry about this too much. Quality is the most important. Stick these pieces of card together until it is as long as you want the table runner to be. You are then going to stick all of the lollipop sticks to the card. Don’t keep everything aligned. Neat and tidy is not the way to go when making these sorts of party supplies. Once you have done this the fun really begins. You are going to grab some bright-colored paint and splash it all over the table runner to create a fun and quirky design. It truly looks fantastic and you will be shocked by the fact that it doesn’t look like a DIY party supplies project. Head to https://www.thesprucecrafts.com/diy-table-runners-1197852 for more DIY table runner inspiration.

Tissue Paper Number Sign

It makes life a lot easier to have table numbers so that people can easily find where they are going to be sitting. This is especially the case for weddings and big events, such as birthdays and anniversaries. However, instead of purchasing number signs you should make your own. After all, these are the sorts of party supplies you certainly won’t be using again. Begin by getting yourself a nice piece of decorative card. You don’t have to go for a plain color. A nice subtle pattern can look beautiful too. Nevertheless, make sure it does not clash with the tissue paper you are going to use next. So, once you have got your card, apply the glue in the shape of the number and then attach pieces of tissue paper. You can crumple the paper up, but to create that beautiful flimsy effect it’s best to simply fold it in half and apply a lot of it.

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