Enhance your Smile by Eliminating Gaps in your Teeth

Enhance your Smile by Eliminating Gaps in your Teeth

Oral accidents and teeth decay are the main causes of teeth loss, according to this reputable oral surgeon oakbrook terrace. Oral accidents and teeth decay are the main causes of teeth loss. Teeth loss leaves your mouth in bad shape and appearance. A dental implant is a technique carried out by a dentist or orthopedist to replace your lost teeth or tooth. There are several methods that can be used to replace your teeth or tooth, which is determined by your oral health. These methods make use of artificial roots and crowns, which are fixed in the gaps to resemble your original teeth. Dentist Red Bank NJ is a specialist in replacing your lost tooth or teeth through dental implant techniques. Below are the main types of the dental implant.

Types of dental implants and their procedures

They are several types of dental implants available for you. Before an implant, the doctor will examine your overall health to determine the type of dental implant to undergo.  They include:

  •       Endosteal dental implant. The endosteal implant is the technique that most people undergo. However, if you have a strong jawbone, then you are the perfect candidate for the implant. The technique uses an artificial root that resembles a screw and a false white crown. The dentist starts by creating an incision at the surface of your gum when the artificial root is fused.  After the root is fixed, the dentist gives you time to heal before the crown is placed. The artificial crown is then posted on top of the root to fit the surrounding tooth.
  •       Bridge dental implant. This is another primary type of dental implant, which is a substitute for the endosteal dental implant. There is no use of jawbone and artificial root, thus suitable for peoples with weak jawbones. A bridge dental implant uses your original teeth to hold the artificial crowns. The dentist starts by filling the front and back tooth in the area of the implant. Crowns are placed together with a putty-like substance according to the number of your lost teeth. The crowns are then placed in the gap where they are held by the front and the back tooth.
  •       All-on-4 dental implant. This dental implant involves the replacement of all teeth. There is no need for bone grafting since the artificial teeth with their gum are placed on the normal gum.

Below are the importance’s of undergoing dental implant

Dental implants have a variety of importance to your life and the well-being of your oral health.  A good smile is created through dental implants since the gaps are corrected. A good smile elevates your self-esteem and improves self-confidence whenever you are with friends and family members. Other than beauty factors, dental implants improve your overall health. Dental implants facilitate the growth of the jawbone around the area of the implant. Implants also prevent the remaining teeth from shifting to the gaps, which can cause misaligned teeth.

Dental implants are techniques used to replace lost teeth. The main types of implants are bridges, endosteal, zygomatic, and subperiosteal. A dentist determines the type of dental implant for you according to your oral health. If you have a healthy jawbone, endosteal is the best, and for patients with weak jawbones, subperiosteal and bridges are the best. For more information concerning dental implants, consult Conte Dentistry clinic.

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