Fulfill Your General & Cosmetic Dental Needs with Gum Contouring Specialists in California

Fulfill Your General & Cosmetic Dental Needs with Gum Contouring Specialists in California

At times, the issues that are preventing you from enjoying a healthy and attractive smile are not in the teeth, but in your gums. Gums that extend way too far beneath your teeth, ones that are too high, or an uneven gum line can affect the beauty of your smile. For this reason, a highly skilled and experienced provider of gum contouring in Newport Beach, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Santa Ana, and Costa Mesa, CA, Dr. Kabakhlian offers comprehensive gum contouring procedures. To find out how gum contouring can help you meet your oral health needs, call Enamel. General & Cosmetic Dentistry or go online to schedule a consultation.

What Is Gum Contouring?

Gum contouring is an invasive treatment designed to give patients an even and attractive smile. When the height of your gums compared to your teeth are either too low or too high, one’s smile may appear unbalanced. The dental specialists at Enamel. General & Cosmetic Dentistry incorporate gum contouring surgery to make sure that you enjoy an even gum line that makes your teeth and smile look best.

In addition to your gum contouring treatment, the providers also offer dental bonding and veneers as required to fix uneven, gapped, discolored, or cracked teeth. In general, they are dedicated to ensuring patients enjoy the most beautiful smiles.

How Does Gum Contouring Work?

Gum contouring is an invasive procedure, whereby your gum tissue is restructured. The patient’s actual gum contouring treatment is designed to meet their unique smile goals and needs. For instance, if your gums go way too far beneath your teeth, your specialist at Enamel. General & Cosmetic Dentistry cuts the overgrown tissue. In case your gum is too short and doesn’t extend enough below your tooth, your provider can add gum tissue (often grafted from your mouth’s roof) to cover the base of your teeth effectively.

Sometimes, the gum contouring procedures are entirely cosmetic. However, if your gums are too high as a result of a periodontal problem known as gum recession, they might expose the base of your tooth, leaving your tooth open to decay and possible tooth loss if not treated in time. In such situations, gum contouring does not only enhance your smile’s appearance but also protects the tooth.

What to Expect During & After Gum Contouring?

 At Enamel. General & Cosmetic Dentistry, the providers ensure that patients enjoy the most exceptional experience. The team of specialists use a local anesthetic to fully numb the treatment area, thus allowing the patient to relax and unwind during the entire procedure. Following a procedure, patients should take a rest or head home to allow the gum to heal.

The team of dentists at Enamel. General & Cosmetic Dentistry also recommend special care instructions, such as how to effectively brush your teeth to avoid interfering with the healing process of your gums. Depending on the complexity of your procedure, this might take something from a few days to weeks.

 Over-the-counter pain relief medications are also recommendable to help you manage any discomfort. Besides, select foods that are cool and soft and avoid spicy foods or those with seeds to allow your gums to heal.

That said, Enamel. General & Cosmetic Dentistry is a reliable, friendly, and compassionate dentistry practice offering a wide range of cosmetic and general dental needs. Find out more by calling their office or use the online booking tool to schedule an appointment today.

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