Enjoying the Benefit of Sunlight without Overexposure on Your Conservatory

Enjoying the Benefit of Sunlight without Overexposure on Your Conservatory

Conservatories are the best place to enjoy time with family or friends and take in the natural light. It’s a valuable addition to the home; it can act as an extra living room. However, having an overexposed conservatory spoils the fun. The room will be constantly overheated and not pleasing to spend time there. The sunlight is the main attraction to the conservatory, but too much sun can also be problematic. Since the room is full of large windows, doors and glass roofs, you need to figure out how to enjoy the sunlight without the overexposure.

Insulating Glass

Install insulating glass on your roof from cosypanels to control the sunlight. When the conservatory has glass roofing, it gets scorching, especially during the summer. There is too much light in the room that it gets distracting at times. It’s also not suitable for furniture in the room. Insulating the room is one way to minimize the sunlight. It will still be bright enough, but you will get better temperature control and avoid the overexposure. With glass panels, you will not lose any light in the room; instead, you will end up with an even better view. Cosypanels can install the glass within a day, and you can enjoy the conservatory no matter the weather.

Use Curtains and Blinds

Get some blinds or curtains for the windows and doors in the conservatory. It will help keep the excess light by creating shade in the room. The good thing with curtains is you can roll them to the side when you want the full sunlight effect. Get the light curtains so that you can still enjoy the natural light in the room. Thick curtains might get rid of the light entirely. It will keep the room from overheating during hot seasons and warm during winter. Aside from helping the overexposed conservatories, curtains can also be decorative pieces and give you privacy.

Tinted Glazing

Tinted windows, roofs and doors will also control the amount of sunlight in the room. The glazing will not get rid of sunlight entirely, but it will keep the conservatory from being overexposed. It allows the sunlight to pass through; the room will be bright enough without overheating. They also retain heat in the room in the winter seasons. You can mostly use it on the roof because that is where most of the light comes from. It would be best if you spared the windows and doors so that you enjoy the full benefits of sunlight. If you tint the whole room, it might get a little dark.

Enjoying the Benefit of Sunlight without Overexposure on Your Conservatory

Strategically Placed Trees

Planting trees around the conservatory or inside the room can help with overexposure. The tree foliage will create shade around the room. You can trim them where necessary to make sure enough sun is getting in the room. You can place trees inside the room at the windows to minimize the light getting in. The trees should be the right amount, too much of them can create a mess. They will also create fresh air around the conservatory which makes it the best choice to handle overexposure.

Tiled Roofing

Since the roof brings in the most sunlight, installing a tiled roof can be a permanent solution. The room will be enjoyable no matter the season and still serve its purpose. You will have the glass windows and doors for natural light. The conservatory will not overheat when there is too much sunlight. It can also be a way to make the room unique from the typical design. If you have small glass windows, you should consider increasing the size before tiling the roof.


A conservatory should serve you effectively throughout the year. Handling the overexposure is the only way to ensure you are using the room at all times. It will also help you control the room temperature while still enjoying the natural light. A too bright conservatory is also not suitable for using the phone, tablet, or computer; controlling the room’s light will help.


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