Outdoor Spaces: Creating a Cozy Patio

Outdoor Spaces: Creating a Cozy Patio

Last year, homeowners in the US spent a staggering $783m on outdoor deck and patio construction. If you’re keen to join this trend towards spending time outdoors but can’t afford a total revamp, read on.

The cold heart of winter is the perfect time to spruce up and cozy up your patio. So why not try some of these easy patio ideas in preparation for a wonderful summer filled with outdoor entertaining. 

Easy Patio Ideas That Don’t Cost Much

Unless you can afford an HGTV-style makeover, chances are you’re upgrading your patio on a budget. Before you splash out on anything take some time for a little housekeeping.

Getting organized or moving things around a little can give your patio a new lease on life for next to nothing. It all starts with the view. 

Mow the lawn, pull those weeds, and trim your shrubs and hedges while they’re in a winter slump. A neat and tidy yard is the first step toward upgrading your patio.

Rearrange the furniture, wash the cushions, and give your deck or patio floor a good spring clean.

A  new patio cover from https://rkcconstruction.com/ gives shade and allows you to enjoy the outdoors in any type of weather as well as give you a brand-new look.

A few new planters filled with evergreen shrubs add life and color to any space. Potted miniature fruit trees add a Mediterranean ambiance.

Well-placed brightly colored cushions and throws breathe new life into faded outdoor furniture upholstery. 

Let There Be Light

It’s amazing what a little creative lighting can do. String lights tie in your patio with the rest of the house and bring a fairytale sparkle to nighttime gatherings.

Small solar-powered lights are inexpensive and add a festive twinkle to garden beds and pathways. 

Adding a pendant light, or simply changing your existing light fitting can make a huge difference to overly-familiar spaces.  Don’t underestimate the power of candle lanterns to add romance and elegance to any setting.

Likewise, adding a strategically placed mirror brings depth to a small patio. 

Fire It Up

Whether you choose a classic PK grill or opt for a built-in beauty, an outdoor grill is a must for every well-dressed patio.

Don’t let chilly temperatures drive you into hibernation. You can still enjoy outdoor meals with a few extra layers of clothing and a stash of warming drinks. 

Thanks to online tutorials, you could even build a DIY firepit out of recycled materials. A source of heat means you can enjoy your patio all year round. A portable fireplace works well for small patios. 

If you already have a built-in outdoor kitchen, adding a colorful tile backsplash changes the whole look and feel of your patio. 

Hit the Deck

Laminate flooring is the latest trend both indoors and out. Installing a new wood-look floor brings elegance and charm to outdoor areas and helps differentiate it from the rest of the garden. 

While this is an expensive addition, it will add value to your home and boost its appeal to prospective buyers. Modular deck railing systems are also a popular cost-effective option for guardrails. They’re suitable for both rustic and modern decks and are possible to install with the help of the post titled A Quick Guide To Trail Decking, which will end up saving you on both material and labor costs. 

If new flooring is out of your league, a floor rug will do the trick and add warmth underfoot. Be sure it’s hardy enough to remain in place outdoors though, or you’ll have to lug it inside whenever it’s not in use. 

For outdoor entertainment areas, pea gravel or recycled concrete pavers are an attractive cost-effective option. 

A Coat of Paint Does the Trick

One of the most affordable patio ideas for an instant new look is paint. A coat of white paint on your patio walls and wooden furniture adds a Mykonos-feel to your time outdoors. 

You can inject new vigor into almost any patio, furniture with paint. Bright colors add a tropical feel, or you can go for a minimalist look with muted matching tones.

When shopping for paint, always ask for advice from an assistant at your local hardware store. Using the wrong paint on the surface of your furniture can result in a flaky, peeling look that holds little appeal.

Bet you never thought of painting your undercover patio’s roof. A black ceiling creates the ultimate dramatic effect and cozies up a tall-ceilinged space. 

More on Patio Furniture

If your patio furniture is in need of an upgrade, second-hand furniture is the most cost-effective way to go.

Thrift store gems like wicker or Adirondack chairs add timeless appeal to any patio. If they’re looking a little more shabby than chic, a little paint and some new cushions should do the trick. 

A hammock is an awesome whimsical addition to any outdoor space and a cheap alternative to high end suspended seating. 

Haul an old cabinet or cupboard out of the garage and turn it into a mini-bar. It may take a little imagination and elbow grease but you can repurpose almost any cabinet in this way.

Simple Patio Decor

Who said exterior areas need to be devoid of decoration? There’s no reason your patio shouldn’t be every bit as elegant as your home. 

Take a look around inside and rummage through your cabinets for vases, artwork or ornaments that aren’t doing their best work where they are. 

Perhaps they’re better suited as focal points on your patio? A vase of fresh flowers is a gorgeous addition to a patio table when guests arrive – or for your own enjoyment. 

Small sculptures add a glamorous appeal to any space, indoors or out. Umbrellas bring a vacation vibe as well as providing shelter from sunshine and rain. 

Upgrade Your Lifestyle

If you found these easy patio ideas helpful, you’ll love the rest of our decor and home improvement ideas. If you want to escape from the winter chill altogether, we have some ideas on that too. 

Keep reading our blog for more ways to liven up your surroundings and enjoy your time at home or out in the world. 

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