Essential Checklist For New Dog Owners

There’s nothing on this planet more exciting than bringing home a new member of the family, especially when it’s a dog. It’s important, however, that you’re properly prepared for your new dog, as they grow up fast! You’ll want to be ready to train them from the get-go, as the habits that they learn early on might with you for life without expert help. Having a dog is great, and you want to make sure they have the best experience possible when living with you. So these are the things you should make sure you’ve prepared before your new friend arrives!

Essential Checklist For New Dog Owners


A bed

When you bring your dog home, it’s important that you teach them where to sleep early on, unless you’re fine with them sleeping with you! Though you should consider, even if they’re a puppy now, they’re going to get much bigger in no time at all – so if you’re not ready to share too much of your bed space with your pet; consider making sure they have an appropriate bed for them. Of course, you’ll be buying a bigger one in a matter of months, but for now, focus on making sure they’re well-taught on their sleeping habits!

Plenty of toys

While it might sound ideal, you won’t be able to keep your dog entertained for every second of the day, so it’s important that you’ve got some preparation for their own enjoyment when you’re busy. Something for them to enjoy, and something that can keep distracted while you try to get on with things is ideal! You should also consider things that you can use to bond with them! Toys to play fetch with! Bonding with your dog is an important part of ownership, so you should be ready to invest in this at the minimum! 

Toys for teething

During the puppy period, you should know that they’re going to be going through a teething phase, and they’ll need help to deal with that. Buying toys and treats to help them through their teething and relieve that soreness is vital for their comfort! It can help them get the relief they need, and it will stop them from chewing on your furniture. The last thing you want is your own belongings like your shoes or chairs being torn and chewed because your dog had to resort to that instead of a toy!

Harness for walks

When they’re old enough and ready to go out on walks, you’ll want to make sure they’re comfortable and secure when you have them on a leash. While you might have seen people using their collar for the leash, it’s not great for their comfort. When they pull on the leash, the collar is going to tighten around their neck – and that can be quite painful for them! Having a leash means that not only will they avoid that experience, but you have a much more secure hold of them while you’re walking them.

Picking their food

Trying to find the right diet for your dog can be quite the hassle, but it’s necessary if you want to make sure they grow up healthily. It can take a lot of discipline to make sure they’re not being overfed, and you’ll have to be strict with them over what they’re eating. Finding the right food can be easier with the help of and you won’t have to worry so much about making mistakes yourself that way. If you have any doubts, you should consider asking a vet or another professional who can tell you what they recommend instead.

You should also look into what they can and can’t eat as a general rule. Foods that we eat can sometimes be toxic or poisonous for your dog, and you’ll want to make sure those foods are completely kept out of reach – even if they enjoy it at the time, it can be harmful to their body!

Food and water bowls

Just like having a bed, making sure that your dog has their own food and water bowl can help to train and discipline them about where they should be eating. If they’ve been taught to only eat from their bowl, it can stop them from begging for food or eating food that they find left out. Not only that, but it helps to keep your own equipment clean and safe from damage! They’re not too expensive, and they’re made to be more durable than a regular bowl! This is the kind of investment that you’ll only have to make once!

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