Making Sure You Are Prepared When Picking Up Your New Dog

Making Sure You Are Prepared When Picking Up Your New Dog

Getting a new dog is a very exciting time whether it be a puppy or an adopted adult dog but it is also a time you need to prepare for so things go smoothly when picking them up and when you get them home. If you are prepared you can make sure you both get off to the best start together on your trip home and once you are settling them in, this is going to be their first memory of you and their introduction so making it a good one is important.

If you are getting a new puppy or dog and you want to make sure you are well prepared for your new life together then these few tips should help you understand how you can make sure everything goes nice and smooth when getting them back to their new home.

Making Sure You Are Prepared When Picking Up Your New Dog

Before collecting

Before you collect your puppy you need to make sure you grab a few things for picking them up and the journey home. Make sure you get a lovely comfortable dog carrier for them to go in should you not have someone to hold them and for safety, while driving, you should also make sure you get them a nice cozy blanket too as they are going to want to feel warm and cozy, this will help them feel safe and comfortable.

Once in the car

Once you have collected your dog then you need to make sure they are going to be comfortable while travelling. Make sure you keep the car quiet so no music on and no raised voices, this will stop the dog from getting scared and keep them nice and calm. Once you have them in their carrier and they are comfortable make sure you have fresh air circulating the car and that you are not getting them in and out constantly as this will unsettle them. Make sure you have spare blankets and wipes available should they have an accident as they can get nervous and have accidents. 

Once you have them home

Make sure you have a bed made up for them to settle in and they have food and water, if they are an older dog then take them out into the garden for the toilet and get them climatized, if it is a puppy then have puppy pads put down for the toilet. With older dogs, they can have treated so make sure you have some healthy dog treats available to reward them while settling in so they know when they are doing something good and this will help them know what they cannot and can do in the house. It is a good thing to furnish them with their own stuff which you can check out from Lucky Paws.

If you are picking up a new dog or puppy and you are not sure what you should do to prepare for picking them up to make sure it all goes smoothly then hopefully, these few tips should help you understand what you can do to prepare and start you on the best path with your new pet.

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