How to stop your dog from barking?

How to stop your dog from barking?

Barking can be a real nuisance. You know this if you have a dog.

But barking is not something that only annoys owners. It can be really troublesome for other people as well.

Those who never had a dog perceive barking as aggressive behavior. This isn’t far from the truth given that in some cases, dogs use their voice as a way of notifying the owner of a threat or making a stance.

No matter the reason, barking can be scary especially for little kids. In fact, it can even lead to traumas.

In order to prevent such things, it is best to teach your dog some manners.

Why do dogs bark?

Like any other animal, dogs use barking sounds in order to communicate with other individuals.

For example, they use it when they think they’re threatened. -Pure breeds often have predictable behavioral patterns where mixed breeds are often not. Some dogs react to stimuli differently, especially those that have experienced trauma from separation or abuse in the past. You can read more about this on news/what-is-aggression-reactivity-vs-aggression, a great informative post by Lilly.

Dogs commonly bark when owners have a guest or when someone is nearing their property.

But here is a common misconception. This barking sound is not always used because they’re scared or threatened; sometimes it is used as a dog gets excited. It all depends on the dog’s previous experience. Still, a bark is bark and it can be annoying.

Besides barking, there are various other sounds that dogs produce.

Howling is common for certain species such as huskies.

Growling shows that dog is becoming aggressive and is prepared to defend its territory. It can also show that a dog is getting annoyed. This way it signifies to an owner to stop with current behavior.

Dogs sometimes use growling in a playful manner.

Lastly, we have yelping.

This is a dog’s way to ask for something. It is essentially begging. Unlike growling, in this case, the dog is submissive and recognizes that it needs your help to achieve a goal. It is also a sign that it loves you and sees you as a part of a family – otherwise the dog would likely use growling.

How to stop barking?

The first thing I need to mention is that barking shouldn’t completely be eliminated.

It is an important function for a dog allowing it to communicate. If you completely forbid it to do so, it can lead to stress. Still, even if you wanted, it is questionable if you will be able to completely remove it.

Here are some tricks you can use to stop dog barking.

1. Early training

Training is important for limiting barking.

No matter what, a dog will still bark in certain situations. You need to teach it when it’s acceptable and when it’s not.

Find a way to make your pet stop barking. When it does so, give it a treat.

Similar to other forms of training, you need to create situations where a dog will start barking. In fact, encourage it to bark. When it finally quits, give it some positive stimulants. This is how you create an environment where the dog can slowly start adopting some basic rules.

You need to show it with your demeanor that barking is bad while not barking will be rewarded.

2. Dog should get used to its surroundings

Dogs will bark for a number of reasons. In most cases, it will be unwarranted.

If your dog is properly trained, it will rarely bark at people. Still, there is a good chance it will bark when it gets excited. This is why you constantly need to introduce elements that get your pet excited.

After a while, your dog will get bored (or at least it should in theory) and stop barking altogether.

3. Remove the object of attention or find something new

One of the great methods to deal with barking is to remove the reason for barking or to address it. By simply standing between the dog and its focus, the dog will see this item as off-limits.

You can also use one of its favorite toys to stop it.

Having a rubber toy in its mouth will shut its mouth.

4. Get your dog tired

A dog will bark as long as it has breath.

If you force a physical activity, it will soon get gassed and will be unable to breathe.

Start playing fetch or find something else to start. This will stop your pet from barking.


How to stop your dog from barking?

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