Expert Internal & Sports Medicine Specialist in New Jersey

Expert Internal & Sports Medicine Specialist in New Jersey

Whenever the body is subjected to repetitive exertion and stress, it could result in injury and pain in the musculoskeletal system’s bones, muscles, and joints. At Kai Sports Medicine LLC, Zachary Perlman, DO, an expert internal medicine and sports medicine specialist in Oakhurst, NJ, provides integrative care to patients across the city and the neighboring regions. To determine how you could benefit from Dr. Perlman’s expert care, call the office or use the online booking service to arrange an appointment today.

Meet Dr. Perlman

Zachary Perlman, DO, of Kai Sports Medicine LLC, is a board-certified primary care sports and internal medicine physician. Dr. Perlman treats sportspeople and the general public, focusing on minimally invasive orthopedic treatments such as ultrasound-guided joint injections. He is intrigued by sports nutrition and longevity medicine and hopes to get certified in obesity medicine.

Dr. Perlman grew up in Toms River, NJ, close to the beach. He received his Bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and molecular biology from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. He then went on to med school at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

As he was always inclined to the practical parts of medicine, his residency training encompassed three years in internal medicine and a year in general surgery. He advanced his education by completing a primary care sports medicine fellowship in San Antonio, TX, wherein he operated alongside NBA San Antonio Spurs practitioners.

Dr. Perlman has always been enthusiastic and appreciates athletics, having been a college wrestler and swimmer during his high school and childhood. He now remains active by golfing, running, playing basketball, snowboarding, and engaging in other activities. During his free time, he also engages in meditation, yoga, and enjoying time with his newborn and wife.

What Does Dr. Perlman Offer?

Dr. Perlman’s staff affirms that patient-doctor interaction and patient education are critical to preserving life quality and vitality. They aim to make prevention as vital as care, with a method based on Dr. Perlman’s vast experience in internal and sports medicine. Dr. Perlman integrates patient care with pain management, orthopedic care, and non-invasive treatments for an all-in-one strategy.

Dr. Perlman treats pro and amateur athletes of all ages. He is well-known in the community for his competence in repairing knee injuries, shoulder injuries, and sports-associated concussions. However, anybody suffering from nerve pain, back pain, hip pain, or neck pain is welcome to visit the office.

Dr. Perlman employs cutting-edge non-surgical, minimally invasive therapeutic approaches such as regenerative medical therapies, prolotherapy, and cortisone joint injections. His integrative care practices are intended to give his patients complete health and wellbeing. In this patient-centered methodology, his care packages often involve treatments, drugs, and mind-body approaches.

Injuries to the muscles, joints, or bones that go unaddressed might lead to severe complications in the long run. Dr. Perlman develops unique care plans for every patient based on their specific requirements. To learn more, contact Kai Sports Medicine LLC through mobile or schedule a consultation online today. 

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