Fat Focus: Understanding More About That Yellow Stuff

Fat Focus: Understanding More About That Yellow Stuff

Imagine for a moment that your body is a machine. It’s just a complex network of systems and they all need fuel to operate. That fuel is fat. Everything we eat gets converted into fat by our bodies. There are different types of fat but they are all basically there to perform one simple task; to keep you going. However, fat isn’t just for energy, it’s also for protection. Our heart is in fact protected by fat around the outside of it. Too much fat can of course cause heart problems. Our abs also have fat around and on top of them to protect our body. The rib cage protects our chest, back and sides but not our stomach or intestines. So again, fat has to step in. regarding fitness and looks, fat is seen as the enemy. But actually, if you can understand where it goes you can use it to your advantage.

Right in the face

As no doubt you have seen, overweight people gain fat in their face. Their facial features start to fade away and there is a loss of shape overall. However a little fat in the face is actually good for our looks. Fat reinforces collagen bonds, which make for a more plump surface. Fat usually goes to places where it’s needed. Think of fat arriving to areas where activity is high and remaining there like a depot. If you want more youthful skin and features that have a little more curve to them, then do facial yoga. Facial exercises such as pushing up the cheeks, tightening the lips, sucking in cheeks and releasing them, massaging the jaw muscles and stretching the skin around your lips by pushing your tongue, helps to bring new blood to the areas and a little more fat. 

Center of gravity

Men and women store fat in their bodies different. For men it’s around their abs mostly but also around their waists and in their buttocks. For women however, most of their fat is stored in their lower body. Waist, hips, legs, buttocks and calves are the main places where fat is stored for women. So trimming down around your stomach, is a lot easier done than around your hips of waist. In the modern day videos about liposuction give you a much clearer picture of what to expect from the results. They also help you understand more about where the fat will be taken from to give you the figure you want. If you do want to take away the so called ‘love handles’, then this is an option you might want to try, as again, your body will keep adding more fat to the lower body as it’s designed that way. 

Wherever it pleases

Sometimes it really is your genetics that determines where your fat will go. For some people it’s in their buttocks and for others it’s in their arms. Most of the time fat storage zones are predictable but if you workout regularly and still don’t see effective results in one particular area, accept it has part of your genetic makeup.

You can’t fight fat everywhere it goes. You can trim your body down as much as possible but sometimes your genetics have the final say. However you can use facial yoga to transport a bit of fat into your face for a more youthful look. 

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