Feel like royalty: 9 tips for a more luxurious bedroom

Feel like royalty: 9 tips for a more luxurious bedroom

Imagine waking up every morning surrounded by luxury, making you feel like royalty – your bedroom transformed into a relaxing sanctuary where you can retreat and unwind in the best of ways. With the pressures and stresses of daily life, your bedroom should be a palace devoted to your rest and rejuvenation.

Without spending hundreds of dollars, you can still create a bedroom fit for royalty right in your own home. From dreamy bedding to elegant furnishings and decor, your bedroom can become your personal slice of paradise.

Small changes can make a big impact when crafting a luxurious sleep sanctuary. Here are some suggestions to turn your bedroom into a space devoted to your comfort and well-being.

Invest in High-Quality Bedding

Luxurious bedding forms the foundation of a well-appointed bedroom. When selecting bed linens, look for premium fabrics like Egyptian cotton, mulberry silk, or long-staple cotton. These materials are known for their softness, durability, and ability to maintain their shape over time. Aim for a high thread count of at least 300 for sheets with a smooth, silky feel.

Finish off the bed with a plush, down alternative comforter. Down alternative fill provides warmth without the allergies sometimes caused by natural down (a material found on ducks). Look for a comforter with baffle-box stitching to prevent fill from shifting. 

Invest in a Plush Mattress for Comfort

A top-quality mattress is one of the most important investments you can make for a luxurious bedroom. An indulgent mattress provides essential support for your body so you can truly relax and recharge while you sleep. If you don’t have time to go shop for the perfect mattress, many companies make ordering a hotel mattress online effortless. Look for features like memory foam or latex that contour your body’s natural curves and relieve pressure points. Whether you’re upgrading your current mattress or outfitting a new bedroom, investing in a hotel mattress online ensures a restful night’s sleep.

One such mattress that offers unmatchable comfort is the Beauty Rest black mattress, available for sale online at the Mattress Factory. It masterfully integrates advanced technologies, including innovative coil systems, delivering an exceptionally comfortable night’s sleep that feels truly royal. 

Incorporate Layers of Lighting

Proper lighting is key for creating a luxurious ambiance in the bedroom. Install overhead lighting on a dimmer switch to control the amount of illumination from bright task lighting to a soft glow. Table lamps can provide warm ambient lighting ideal for reading in bed or creating a relaxing atmosphere. 

For dramatic effect, hang a dimmable chandelier or pendant light centered over the bed. Accent lighting, such as recessed lights or track lighting, highlights artwork and architectural details. Place battery-operated candles throughout the room for a romantic glow after the overhead lights are switched off. 

Choose a Statement Headboard

A headboard serves as the focal point of any luxurious bedroom. Tufted and upholstered headboards in rich fabrics like velvet or leather make a glamorous style statement. A headboard covered in a striking wallpaper pattern also draws the eye.

For a more contemporary look, choose a headboard made from metal, wood, or lucite. An ornate carved wood headboard lends a traditional elegant touch. If you are looking for budget-conscious alternatives, add hanging a large piece of beautiful fabric or wallpaper as a faux headboard. These headboards make a big impact without requiring a big investment.

Incorporate a Luxurious Chair

Include a statement chair to create a refined seating area perfect for relaxing. Look for a chair with elegant curved lines, tufted upholstery, and turned wood legs for traditional glamour. Vintage chairs reupholstered in velvet or leather exude sophistication. For a contemporary flair, select a sleek leather or fabric armchair.

Place a plush throw blanket or faux fur cover over the chair to amp up the coziness. Position a chair in a corner with a floor lamp overhead for a comfy reading nook. An ornate chair centered at the foot of the bed makes a dramatic style statement.

Display High-End Artwork

Artwork is an impactful way to create a dramatic, luxurious look in the bedroom. Hanging large-scale fine art pieces like classic oil paintings or modern photography makes a bold statement. The large size and high-quality materials command attention. For a more budget-friendly option, choose oversized mirrors or metallic prints. These make a big visual impact at a lower price point.

To create a casually elegant vibe, lean large canvases against the wall rather than formally hanging them. This technique adds a relaxed, gallery-like feel. When selecting artwork, opt for pieces that align with your decor style, whether that is traditional, modern, minimalist, or eclectic. 

Incorporate Metallic Accents

Metallic accents lend a glamorous, opulent feel. Incorporating shimmering metals like gold, silver, bronze, and pewter adds richness and sparkle. Use metallic finishes on lighting fixtures, hardware, furniture, bedding, and decor items. Mirrored furniture also bounces light around the room.

When using metallics, apply them in moderation to keep the look refined. Too much shine can feel gaudy. Mix metals within the same color family for a cohesive effect. Metallic accents should enhance the overall decor instead of overwhelming. Their reflective nature makes them stand out.

Display Fresh Flowers

Nothing evokes luxury like fresh flowers. Investing in a regular flower delivery subscription is an easy way to enjoy fresh blooms. Display the arrangements in elegant vases on surfaces like nightstands, dressers, and vanities. The vibrant colors and delicate textures soften the environment.

If maintaining real flowers seems daunting, high-quality faux arrangements are a low-maintenance alternative. Seek out realistic stems and blooms. 

Organize Your Closet

A disorganized, cluttered closet has no place in a well-decorated bedroom. Give your closet a makeover by editing out anything you don’t wear. Add shelving, drawers, racks, and other storage solutions tailored to your belongings. Use matching wood or faux leather hangers for a cohesive look.

Install a closet organizing system to maximize every inch of space. Incorporate drawer dividers, shelves, shoe racks, and accessory trays to neatly store belongings out of sight. An organized closet makes getting ready feel like a luxurious experience.


With just a few thoughtful upgrades, you can easily transform your bedroom into a relaxing retreat worthy of royalty. Focus on quality, and don’t hesitate to spend a little extra when selecting bedding, furniture, lighting, and decor. Luxurious little details like plush pillows, fresh flowers, and cozy throws add up to a space that feels like a palace. Follow these tips, and soon you’ll be enjoying the luxury and comfort of your home. Remember, your bedroom should help you rest, restore, and recharge – so don’t be afraid to add those special touches that make it feel like your own personal sanctuary.

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