What Are the Best House Siding Options to Consider for Your Home?

What Are the Best House Siding Options to Consider for Your Home?

Is it time to replace the siding on your house? The walls on your home not only protect you from the elements, but if they don’t provide proper insolation, you’ll notice your power bill rise in price.

Speaking of price, you also need a siding that fits in your budget.

There are a bunch of different home siding options available to you, so it can be a little hard to choose. We’re going to go over the best and most common ones that you’ll run into during your research process.

Read on for a list of great house siding options and all of the pros and cons that come right along with them!

1. Brick Siding

If you drive around your neighborhood, brick siding is going to be the most common one that you will see. It’s basically everyone’s go-to choice when they are remodeling their home, or buying a new one.

There is a reason for it. Brick siding is very durable and easy to maintain. Aesthetically, it’s great because it comes in a ton of color options. Each of these options is fairly natural, so there is no need to repaint over it.

The only problem with it is that the material is really expensive to buy, and because the bricks weigh a ton, they are also expensive to have installed. There is an alternative to brick that you can go with, but it’s not as good of an insulator.

2. Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is becoming a popular choice because it’s fairly durable and, like brick siding, is really low maintenance.  If you choose vinyl, you’ll have a lot of color and texture options available to you.

If you like the look of stone siding but not the cost, for example, you can get vinyl that imitates it. Read more here for a complete guide on the benefits of vinyl siding.

Despite that vinyl is an incredibly hard plastic, it’s not as durable as other home siding options available to you. If the weather conditions outside get a little too extreme, it can crack. Not to mention, you’ll have to shell out extra money to get vinyl that’s well insolated if you want to keep your power costs low.

3. Wood

Wood is another material that is not only durable but also fairly versatile. Unlike brick, it can basically be colored or stained any color that you can dream up, so it gives you many customization possibilities.

Wood is very easy to be installed, so it keeps that process fairly cheap. It’s a timeless classic. If you don’t see brick siding when you drive around your neighborhood, chances are that you will see plenty of wood ones.

Despite the fact that the installation is typically cheap, the wood may not be depending on the type that you choose.

4. Fiber-Cement Siding

Like vinyl siding, fiber-cement siding is also manmade and has the capability of mimicking other siding styles. It has the potential to look like wood while being a bit cheaper and easier to maintain. It’s also more durable than wood.

Fiber-cement siding, while cheaper than wood, comes with an installation price that is typically a little more expensive because it’s a heavier material. Still, because you save money on the material, even with the installation cost you still come out spending less.

5. Stucco Siding

Stucco siding is usually used for pueblo-style homes and is made of a mixture of lime, sand, cement, and water. It’s got a nice earth tone, and because several coats of it are used, the material is pretty sturdy. It also tends to absorb heat during the day and let it back out at night, so this helps to regulate your power bill.

The downside is even though the material is cheap, it costs quite a bit to have it installed because it calls for a professional to come out and do it. It also takes a long while to get done because it takes several coats, which means it’s not going to dry quickly.

6. Glass Siding

Glass can give your home a nice modern look. Even so, it’s not really considered siding despite the fact that it does indeed look like siding.

It can be installed from the top of your roof to the floor of your home. Even though it’s glass, it’s actually fairly durable and does a good job of keeping out the elements.

It also lets in plenty of light during the day without being too overwhelming. Though, glass installation is quite costly. You’ll also pay a lot of extra cleaning costs to maintain it as well.

7. Metal Siding

Metal siding isn’t just for industrial buildings anymore. It’s really durable, so more and more people are using it as siding for their homes.

Why wouldn’t they? It’s heat-resistant and downright fireproof. It also reflects heat so it will keep your home nice and cool.

On the flip side, it’s kind of an expensive choice in terms of materials and installation costs. There is a trick to keeping the cost down, though, and its name is aluminum. It’s cheaper to buy and easier to install.

House Siding Options for Your Home

When it comes to siding for your home, you need only the best to ensure you’re safe from the elements. It’s also good to have siding that’s good for curb appeal just in case you want to sell your home later.

These are not only the most common house siding options available to you but also the best. Take care of your home.

Once you have your siding down, it’s time to pick out your doors. Check out our article on how to choose the right bi-fold doors for your home!

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