3 Ways to Incorporate Chip and Jo’s Decorating Style

3 Ways to Incorporate Chip and Jo's Decorating Style

The old way of living — hard-working, simple, with the home at the heart of it all — is alive and well. Inspired by NYC ideas and her Waco, Texas, roots, Joanna Gaines of the hit TV show “Fixer Upper” and her husband Chip Gaines have created an iconic style of their own, and a large following of fans. Joanna’s style preference can be described as fresh, simple, and timeless. Chip’s, is, well, whatever Joanna likes. Her specialty, which is apparent in “Fixer Upper,” is making old things new, with her strengths being able to see potential in every project; and she never passes up an opportunity to use industrial pieces in her design. With Chip by her side, they always seem to come to a creative solution, no matter how hopeless a project may seem at first. Whether you’re fixing up your own home or sprucing it up with a few decor items, here’s how you can incorporate the signature Gaines style.

Beautiful Barn Doors  

You can give a fresh new look to any old entryway with a stylish and timeless barn door. These bold statement doors can not only add visual interest to a room, but they are also a unique way to add privacy between living spaces. Sliding barn doors are available in a range of different sizes, colors, textures, and styles, from modern types with frosted glass and industrial elements to farmhouse-style doors made from richly-colored walnut, which means that they can seamlessly be incorporated into any home, no matter its design theme.

Greenery-Filled Window Boxes 

No green thumb required for this Gaines-inspired DIY. One of the signature “Fixer Upper” designs uses greenery to add life to living spaces. While you may not have a green thumb, you can plant easy-to-maintain spider plants to achieve an inviting lush green look. Consider replacing your wood planter boxes in the front windows of your home to boost your home’s curb appeal, or opt for a kitchen window planter box so that you can enjoy it. If you decide to hang your window boxes in the kitchen, consider planting a few herbs and edible flowers. They might come in handy every so often when you’re putting together a family meal or entertaining guests.

Stylish Entryways 

The entryway is an area of the home that is often neglected. It’s all too easy for the entryway to become a collect-all for mail, shoes, bags, and other everyday items that don’t quite have a place. Solve your clutter problems and opt for a storage solution with seating that can also double as a stylish staging area in your front entryway. Consider a Gaines signature entryway staple, like a long bench; a refurbished church pew will do the trick. Add colorful pillows in a print that you are fond of, hang a few photos of your favorite quotes to create a gallery wall above the seating area, and place a few wooden boxes underneath the long bench for storage to create an entryway that’s both stylish and functional.

Inspiration is all around us. Like Joanna, look for inspiration in various places and stay true to what’s in your heart and what reminds you of home; whether it’s fresh herbs growing in a beautiful window box, large handsome barn doors, or vintage and refurbished items like old church pews or milk boxes in your entryway. 

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