Why You Should Use More Wood In Your Interior Design

Why You Should Use More Wood In Your Interior Design

In recent years, homes have started to incorporate more synthetic materials into their decor such as metals and plastics. However, wood has proven to still have many benefits over these materials. Below are some of the great reasons to use more wood when decorating your interior. 

Wood is natural and calming

Studies such as this one mentioned at WoodForGood show that wood is a very relaxing material – being around wooden structures can relieve stress. This could be because it is a natural material that we associate with forests and trees. Too many synthetic materials in a home can make it feel disconnected to the outside world. By adding some wood, you could help to create a bond with the great outdoors. Consider using lots of wood in rooms where you want to relax such as the bedroom.

Wood is very versatile

Wood is an incredibly versatile material that can be used for all kinds of applications. It can be used for flooring, roofing, furniture, countertops, storage and even window frames. It can also be used for artistic purposes such as sculptures as well as entertainment purposes such as these cribbage boards at Wood Chart. There’s even the option to use wood outdoors for things like garden furniture. The only places where wood doesn’t work so well is around heat sources and in places that get a lot of moisture (although it’s still possible to incorporate wood into a bathroom). 

Wood can be incorporated into any style of décor

Wood can look clean and modern or it can look rustic and traditional. You can use it to decorate an urban apartment or a farmyard cottage. Obviously, there are different styles of wood to consider – darker woods tend to suit older period homes, while lighter woods are more suited to modern airy homes. Generally, you should try to keep to a specific tone of wood to keep your decor consistent. That said, you can always paint wooden furniture to make it match.

Wood is eco-friendly

When it comes to green materials, wood is a popular choice. While harvesting wood requires cutting down trees, most wood now comes from sustainable forests where new trees are planted in place of old ones. Wood is also biodegradable and recyclable – old wooden furniture can be cut down and composted or turned into new furniture. Unlike some forms of unrecyclable plastic, you don’t have to worry about creating long-term waste if you ever do decide to get rid of your furniture. 

Wood is relatively affordable

In most cases, wood is a relatively affordable option. For instance, when it comes to countertops, wood can be a cheaper option than a stone countertop or a steel countertop. Some timbers are more expensive than others of course – mahogany is generally quite expensive. However, the likes of maple and beech cost very little to work with and can be just as practical (if not more practical) than many luxury woods. Most low-cost flat-pack furniture is made of wood. Timber is also one of the cheapest roofing solutions.

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