Six Ways to Turn Your House Into A Safe And Cozy Oasis

Six Ways to Turn Your House Into A Safe And Cozy Oasis

Your home is a place where you can be your true self. It’s also a place that is supposed to be cozy, comfortable and safe for you, especially if you’re going through difficult times. However, in order to maximize all those comforting feelings, it’s important to make your home look nice and special. Luckily, the whole makeover process doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, because using your imagination will be more than enough. 

Therefore, if you’re thinking about upgrading your space to make yourself feel better, here are some helpful tips that will show you how to turn your home into your personal safe oasis.

First step: decluttering 

Six Ways to Turn Your House Into A Safe And Cozy Oasis

Having too many things lying around isn’t the best idea out there. Even if you like to keep things in case you might need them one day, it’s important to keep them in a place where they won’t cause you to feel anxious. Decluttering your home is the first step toward achieving that feeling of coziness and safety. In case you still want to keep a lot of your belongings, make sure to use vacuum bags and storage boxes so your home will look tidy and clean.

Second step: keeping it clean 

Six Ways to Turn Your House Into A Safe And Cozy Oasis

Now, you don’t need to be a cleaning whiz to make your home shine, but investing some effort is important if you want your home to look good. Many people make a classic mistake: they clean once in a while and then do nothing until their space gets too dirty again. If you want to avoid this scenario, then make sure to create your own cleaning schedule that will work for you. That way, you’ll have a better overview of what to do without feeling anxious or annoyed. 

Keeping your home organised and clean is a sure way to feel safe and comfortable.

Third step: staying safe 

Six Ways to Turn Your House Into A Safe And Cozy Oasis

Safety is hugely important, especially in these unstable times. Installing a security system is a good idea, especially if you have valuables in your home that you’d like to protect. Also, make sure to insure your home from potential accidents so you could feel peaceful at all times. In certain countries, such as Australia, home insurance is something everyone does, mainly due to the geographical location and climate. Therefore, getting home insurance is a great way to keep your home safe in case of fire, earthquake and other difficulties. Additionally, opting for security camera and burglar-proofing doors and windows will help you feel protected and safe. 

Fourth step: making it colourful 

Six Ways to Turn Your House Into A Safe And Cozy Oasis

Colours are important for your mood, and it’s been well-known that infusing your home with colourful elements can elevate your mood.  If repainting walls is too much work for you, you can always get picturesque rugs, accent pillows or curtains. Aside from that, opting for interesting wall art can add a whole new dimension to your space. Even if you’re not someone who appreciates bright colours, you can keep your space more or less monochromatic, with a few brightly-coloured pieces thrown in. 

Fifth step: adding greenery 

Six Ways to Turn Your House Into A Safe And Cozy Oasis

Plants are super beneficial to your health which is why they should be a part of your household. If you don’t have enough experience with caring for plants, you can always choose low-maintenance ones that don’t require too much of your time or effort. That will be a great way to practice, and once you get used to caring for them, you can also get some more complicated plants to enrich your space. Embracing nature can be life-changing, especially during the pandemic, when staying at home and social distancing is the new norm. 

Sixth step: letting the light in 

Six Ways to Turn Your House Into A Safe And Cozy Oasis

Your home should be well-lit, as natural light can boost your mood and make you feel happier. Hence, it would be smart to rearrange your furniture, so they won’t be an obstacle to natural light during the day. Also, stay away from dark colours as they tend to absorb the light and make your space look gloomy. As for the evenings and nights, choosing functional and elegant lamps and other types of lighting will definitely make your home look well-lit which will also positively influence your mental well-being. 

Final thoughts 

Turning your home into your personal oasis should not be a difficult task, but it definitely requires some planning. However, since we all live in very turbulent times, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, investing in your living space can surely pay off, as you’ll feel healthier and more satisfied. Remember that you deserve to live in a happy and peaceful home, so make sure to do your best to make it happen. 

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