From Film Buff to Fluency: How to Learn a Language by Binge-Watching Movies and Shows

From Film Buff to Fluency: How to Learn a Language by Binge-Watching Movies and Shows

From Film Buff to Fluency: How to Learn a Language by Binge-Watching Movies and Shows

While most Americans agree that learning a second language is important, only 15% feel it’s meaningful only when learning a major world language.

Language learning can come in many forms, but believe it or not, some Korean moms made their teenage children watch Friends to learn English according to RM of the Korean boy band BTS.

Are you hoping to learn a new language? Do you have plans to travel abroad? Are you wondering how to learn a language in the most efficient way?

You might want to take a page out of the Korean moms’ book. Turn on the subtitles and get ready to take notes. You are about to learn how to learn a language by watching your favorite movies and shows.

Learn a Language Watching Films and Shows

Now, don’t be fooled into thinking that you can sit and watch one movie and a couple of episodes of a TV show and voila, you’ll learn a new language. It’s not that simple and there is a method to follow.

1. Choose a Familiar Film

Knowing the gist of the film helps you to concentrate on the language rather than the plot line.

As you’re watching, you can focus on the subtitles and study what exactly is being said. Focus on each spoken word.

Suggestion: Start with children’s shows or movies. The language is simple and corresponds to the images.

2. Watch All at Once and Then Break It Into Segments

Watch something once all in one sitting to get feel for the language, the pronunciation, and the body language.

TV shows are often short enough to view and study, but movies then need to be broken into chunks. Your brain will overload if you view an entire 90 or so minute movie and try to study the language.

Whatever you choose to watch, start out by breaking it into 10-minute segments or one scene to truly absorb what they’re saying after the initial viewing.

3. Rinse and Repeat

There is great value in repetition when it comes to learning. View a show or movie from moviescounter multiple times to really understand what the actors are saying.

Take notes. Jot down things you missed during the previous viewings such as phrases or words you don’t know yet.

4. Keep a Vocabulary Notebook

As you are keeping track of phrases or words you don’t know, you should put them in a notebook whether it be something online or in an old school spiral notebook. Practice new vocabulary with online games.

5. Use Subtitles with Caution

Do not let the subtitles be a crutch. Use them in the beginning but on repeated viewings, take them away. See how much you can understand when you watch the movie or show without them.

6. Practice Makes Perfect

Once you have several words and phrases under your belt, practice the pronunciation, natural pauses, and the combination of sounds.

Are You Ready to Learn a New Language?

Now you’ve learned all about how to learn a language watching movies and tv shows. Are you ready to get started? Visit us for advice on many helpful topics from mentally unwinding to making money online.

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