How to Become a Teacher that Leads

How to Become a Teacher that Leads

Whether you are a parent yourself, or simply love working with young people, teaching is a fulfilling and exciting vocation where every day is different from the last. However, knowing how to become a teacher can be daunting, let alone becoming a teacher that leads successfully. If you are considering pursuing a teaching position in your state, and want to become a leader of children, here is a guide to the most traditional route to getting a career in education.

  • Take a Teaching Qualification

To break down the barriers between you and a successful teaching career, it is paramount that you choose to take a teaching qualification. Although you can take a bachelor’s degree in teaching, many graduates decide to convert their previous qualifications through graduate schemes and certification programs. Many of these accredited programs will give you practical classroom experience, as well as the skills that you need to create lesson plans and to manage young people. However, you don’t just want to become a teacher; you want to become a teacher that leads. Therefore, when you are after a more prominent role within schools, you should also consider taking fast-track managerial qualifications, such as an Early Childhood Leadership Advanced Certificate Program to help to prepare you for a school setting.

  • Consider Why You Want to Become a Teacher

Before you even start to apply for colleges and job roles, however, you need to consider why you want to become a teacher. If you are not certain that teaching is the right job for you, you will quickly begin to lack the motivation and the drive that you need to be successful. For many people, teaching is a vocation. This means that you should become a teacher because you want to help others, and not because your first career choice has failed or because you believe that it is a stable career route. 

  • Research the Available Positions

There are many available positions within the teaching profession, and many of these are in great demand. The array of different teaching positions means that it is easy to find one that suits you and your skillset. However, due to the large difference in the responsibilities of each, it is paramount that you research these to find the best one for you. For this instance, as you want to be a teacher that leads, you should then further consider whether you want to focus on elementary or secondary education. Then once you have decided that think about whether you want to become a class teacher or take on an administrative or pastoral role. What would grant you more leadership and experience? 

  • Get a License

However, to work in a US state as a teacher, you will have to apply for a license from your state board of education. This will allow you to legally practice as a teacher within a single state. For most licenses, you will have to take an additional test, as well as hold a bachelor’s degree and to have undertaken a teacher preparation program. However, the requirements differ between states and are not upheld by private institutions. 

  • Develop Your Teaching Strategies

Every teacher works differently, and if you want to show your leadership qualities, you need to find out what works not just for you but also for the children. So spend time working on your teaching strategies. For instance, your strategy might be focused on using technology within the classroom or co-operative learning. By finding a way to teach that you are comfortable with, and that can inspire your students, you are more likely to excel as a teacher and become that teacher that leads their class well. 

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