Ways to Help Your Child Develop Better Writing Skills

Ways to Help Your Child Develop Better Writing Skills

Ways to Help Your Child Develop Better Writing Skills

If you look at the skills required for most jobs, strong written communication is usually one of them. Yet it is so often true that many children struggle with writing or simply do not like it. This can make it difficult to further develop their skills as they often shut down when it comes time to write. There are ways you can make writing more fun for your child though. Try one of these methods to get your kid interested in developing his skills.

Roll and Write a Story

When it comes to writing, students often have a difficult time starting. They don’t know what to write about, so they spend half of the time they are given just staring at the paper. Roll and write is a great way to get the juices flowing right from the start. Have a list available to them with characters, settings and problems. They will roll a dice to find which of each they will be using in their writing. Just be warned, these can lead to some pretty silly stories, and you may find that your child asks to do this activity time and time again. You can find different ideas online or feel free to create your own.

Create Grammar Games

Grammar rules can be extremely difficult for a child to grasp. They often get frustrated and end up not wanting to write at all. Grammar games are a great way for your kid to learn the rules while having fun. There are tons of ideas online you can choose from. If you aren’t looking to make up your own, you can also download different apps that focus on grammar games. When it comes to grammar games, the possibilities are really endless. You can even print out a word search of transition words for your kid to do.

Write With Them

Writing with your kid can help him get more involved in the process. You can set a timer and agree to each write a story during that time. Afterward, you can swap stories or read them aloud to each other. Kids love sharing what they’ve written, so be sure to make this a big part of the process. If your child has to write a paper for school, you can go through it with him. This can either mean writing your own as well or just being there through each step. These are cases in which correcting grammar is important, but be sure to do so carefully as to not discourage him.

If possible, you should also try to get your student to journal a little bit each day. Many professionals use writing as therapy, and it can be extremely beneficial in adolescents. These are also ways to steer away from the rigidness of grammar rules and help your child develop writing fluency. It is still important to correct his grammar on academic pieces, but you should do so with care. Instilling a love of writing in your child at a young age can help him for the rest of his life.

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