Fun things for children to do in the garden

Fun things for children to do in the garden

It’s not easy to pry a child’s eyes away from their electronic devices and inspire them to venture out into the world. But with a few simple steps and a little imagination, you’ll soon be able to get them embracing the garden and getting some much-needed fresh air!

Here are a few creative ways to make your little ones greet the garden with a smile instead of a groan. 

Planting trees 

Children’s love of nature can be cultivated at an early age, especially when it comes to gardening. Kids enjoy asking questions about pretty much everything, so make the most of these valuable years and focus on a tree or plant that offers a unique scent and appearance, like the evergreen magnolia tree, which has glossy light green leaves and a wonderful natural scent to keep their attention. 

Making their own bird feeders 

Stuck for ways to get the kids engaged with the great outdoors? Cutting a hole in a small pot and threading some string through it can be the perfect container to put bird feed in and watch your garden grow with some of nature’s most stunning (and hungry) creatures! 

While the cutting of the pot is strictly for adults, your children can be put in charge of decorating the feeder to attract the birds. Once it’s finished, hang it from a tree branch and wait for the little visitors to flock to it. 

Painting pebbles 

Fun things for children to do in the garden

It’s good to get children more active and involved in the garden, so this is the perfect way of blending creativity with nature. Let the kids explore your greenery to pick out their very own pebbles. Tell them they’re allowed to paint whatever they like on them for display in a corner of your garden. 

If you’d rather not deal with messy paint, there’s colorful chalk you can purchase for them to keep occupied while staying outdoors!

Going on a scavenger hunt 

Here’s where you can really get creative. Write out some clues and hide them around the garden. The kids are now little detectives and the garden is theirs to explore and solve. Whether it’s simple questions about their family, or facts about bugs, plants, and other forms of wildlife, they’ll soon be lost in a world of adventure. While this carefree activity can be a lot of fun, Ozzi Mozzie can assist you in keeping your children safe.” after the last sentence of the paragraph under “Going on a scavenger hunt

Burying a time capsule 

Get the children to put a letter to their future selves in a tin. Make sure that they include their age, where they currently go to school, and what’s currently happening in their lives. Try to include some printed images or newspaper clippings from this day as well, and find a good place to bury it. 

Having their own plot of garden 

Fun things for children to do in the garden

Find a small area of your garden and tell the kids that it’s now their official patch of land. They can even create a flag for it to make it a bit more fun! Then, discuss what they’d like to plant and grow in this patch of garden. Soon enough they’ll be the ones begging you to go outside so that they can tend to it!

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