Musically Inclined Kids Love KeiKi Ukuleles

Musically minded families are introducing little ones (Keiki in Hawaiian) to the ukulele and I wanted to be the first to tell you about KeiKi Ukuleles.  They make a great Christmas gift for musically inclined kids and could instill a lifelong passion for music.

Musically Inclined Kids Love KeiKi Ukuleles

Abigail has been interested in music for the past year and we have her taking some lessons so it just made sense when she asked for a KeiKi Ukulele that we would consider getting her one.  So we did.  Let me back it up a minute to my childhood.  I had 3 sisters and all 4 of us were in the band growing up, all through high school.  My kids started band younger than I did and I love that it’s teaching them time management, organization,  and of course, I fully believe it teaches them to concentrate (which is a good thing for any kid to learn).  As any musically inclined family will tell you there’s little doubt that learning to play a musical instrument of any kind is great for developing brains.

Now back to my topic today which is  KeiKi Ukuleles.  They come in fun colors, and are designed for kids 5 and above so kids can start young learning to play.  Each one comes with a practice instruction book as well as everything needed to begin such as a digital tuner, carry case, strap, guidebook, and even some fun retro stickers.  Abigail is going to be on top of the world when she receives hers for Christmas.   Somehow I’ve managed to hide it from her all month, lol.

Have a peek at my photos to get an idea of the size of them and to see what all is included. They’re small enough for little hands and are affordable at $29.95. I’ve already decided that all of our neighborhood kids are getting one for their Birthdays next year.
Musically Inclined Kids Love KeiKi Ukuleles
As is probably obvious, both Abigail and Alyssa love blue so I was thrilled that they offer a blue one as well as the other fun colors shown above.  I’m currently looking for a hanger to hang this on the wall.  I will update my post when I find one although I’m not going to put it on her wall until after Santa visits ;).
Musically Inclined Kids Love KeiKi Ukuleles
Sorry but this kitten is absolutely, positively, not included.  Just a fun little note about this kitten, she hitched a ride from who knows where under the hood of my daughter’s car.  She ended up jumping out when we opened the hood to see why it was meowing, lol.  After 4 days of crying, she finally let us catch her and after no one claimed her she’s now an official family member.
Musically Inclined Kids Love KeiKi Ukuleles
Hurrah, the battery is included.  Also included is everything shown from the tuner to the heart shaped picks.
Musically Inclined Kids Love KeiKi Ukuleles
The instruction guide booklet is easy to follow along for kids of almost all ages.
Musically Inclined Kids Love KeiKi Ukuleles
Retro stickers included as well as a strap.
Musically Inclined Kids Love KeiKi Ukuleles
I love that they included an easy to use digital tuner.  Musically Inclined Kids Love KeiKi Ukuleles
There you have it. One of my favorite affordable finds for Christmas this year. To learn more about KeiKi Music and to make your purchase, please click on any of my links. Be sure to share this post with friends and family members who are looking for affordable gifts that will teach kids basic necessary habits.

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