Getting Beach Ready: The Hottest Swimwear Trends to Expect in 2019

Getting Beach Ready: The Hottest Swimwear Trends to Expect in 2019

Getting Beach Ready: The Hottest Swimwear Trends to Expect in 2019

What if, instead of feeling worried about how you’ll look in your swimsuit, you started focusing on getting excited about swimwear trends instead?

Sure, not everyone loves swimsuit shopping, but we promise that 2019’s trends will make it easy for you to find something that looks amazing on you.

Ready to turn heads at any destination?

If so, then keep on reading this post to learn more about the bikini fashions you can’t afford to ignore in the new year.

We promise that you’ll look and feel amazing in every one of them.

Whether you’re getting your tan on, meditating on the beach, or just enjoying a cocktail, do it wearing the perfect swimsuit.

1. The Return of the One-Piece

Thanks to cult designers Like Batsheva, modesty — in moderation and with a modern twist — is all the rage again. Yes, even when it comes to swimwear.

Some of the most surprising bathing suits trending all over social media aren’t the stringy wonders of years past. Instead, it’s all about the sleek sensuality of the one-piece.

Of course, modesty certainly doesn’t have to mean boring.

Look for bold, African-inspired prints, detailing like beads and fake pearls, and even braided straps as an elegant detail. Pair with a huge white sunhat and some oversized round sunglasses, and you’ll feel all the glamour of visiting the beach in another era.

Of course, not all one-piece swimsuits are necessarily modest. Be on the lookout for singular suits with v-necks that reach far below the navel. The same thing goes for strapless one-pieces that allow you to show off your seriously toned shoulders.

Just because your swimsuit isn’t as “barely there” as in the past, doesn’t mean that you can’t still command some serious attention in the sand.

2. Mellow Yellow

If last year was all about pastels and purple, 2019 will be yellow’s year to take center stage.

This is especially the case when it comes to swimwear trends. There’s a misconception out there that yellow only looks good on darker skin tones. And while tan and brown skin can certainly make the brightness of the yellow pop?

The truth is that there’s a shade of yellow out there that’s right for everyone.

Yellow bikinis with a dainty touch — think ruffles around the neckline or eyelet stitching for somewhat of a prairie look — will also take over beaches everywhere.

3. Leopard, Leopard, and More Leopard

It’s certainly no secret that leopard clothing has taken over the sidewalks and isn’t showing any sign of slowing down in 2019.

So, we think it’s only natural that showing your wild side by rocking a little leopard print bikini was all over the runways at Miami swimwear week.

Remember that leopard looks good on everyone, so don’t believe the rumors about it being “overwhelming” on shorter people. If you’re concerned that wearing both a top and bottom leopard print is just a little too much for you?

We suggest throwing on an elegant, solid-colored sarong. This will also help to give your beach body a bit of a longer look.

Though we say that if you’re going to wear leopard? You should just completely lean into the look and throw on a pair of heels in the sand, too. After all, you only live once — but those Instagram beach pics will live on forever.

Another thing to take into consideration when it comes to this trend?

There’s no reason why you should take your leopard bikini top off just because your day at the beach is over. Throw on a pair of high-waisted sweatpants or denim shorts, and transition to a fabulous night out on the tropical town.

After all, anything that allows you to have a little extra room for souvenirs in your suitcase can’t be a bad idea.

4. Show off Your Thighs

Thanks to body-positive messages like “thick thighs save lives” gone are the days of worrying about a little cellulite getting in the way of your perfect beach day.

Now, one of the biggest swimwear trends of the year is all about showing off your thighs — and maybe even a little bit more of your bikini line than you’re used to.

We just can’t get enough of high cut swimsuits this season.

For an idea of what we mean, check out these swimsuits.

The trend is especially popular among social media influencers. If you really want to do it the right way, we suggest going with a neon green, a hot pink, or even a highlighter yellow.

The trend is definitely not for the faint of heart, but we love the message of showing off all your curves. Plus, believe it or not, often the high but bikini can make your waist look much smaller than it is.

We like the idea of not having to go on a crazy beach body diet, but instead relying on your clothes to do the hard work for you.

Which of These Swimwear Trends Will You Rock in 2019?

Now that you’re ready to pack your suitcase according to 2019’s hottest swimwear trends, it’s time to find your dream destination, call up your girls, and get ready for a truly epic vacation.

Of course, you still need to plan all of your other travel outfits. Plus, we know you want advice on where to go, what to pack, and even how to stay healthy while on vacay.

No matter what you need advice on when it comes to travel, fashion, and more, we’ve always got you covered.

Keep relying on us for insider trend info, fabulous recipes, and more tips on how to get the most out of every day.

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