Vacation in the Caribbean Islands

Vacation in the Caribbean Islands

As you know from visiting my site lately, I have traveling on my mind. It’s been a long cold winter followed by a wet sopping spring and I want sunshine. These storms are for the birds (and rain frogs). I’ve got one trip planned in June and I can’t wait to feel the sand between my toes and the sun on my skin. While we’re going to the same area we go every year, we’ve decided we’re going to be staying in a condo this time. Watch out Texas, here we come again. Because traveling away from the storms here has been weighing heavily on my mind, I’ve been trying to think of areas we’ve never been to before and an option I’m looking at is to rent one of many virgin gorda beach homes in the Caribbean Islands. The blue water is calling out to me.

Vacation in the Caribbean Islands

The only problem I’m having is to figure out which home would be best for my family and myself. I mean seriously, they’re all just so amazing and have everything I could want and need to keep the family happy and occupied. They’re even roomy enough that if we decide we want to split costs with another family, we wouldn’t be getting in each other’s way. Some rental homes I’ve looked at on other sites have a limit on how long you have to stay, usually, it’s a month. In all reality, I couldn’t be away for that long even though I’d love to. I have obligations here that require I’m home for part of the summer so I have to limit how long I travel at a time.

I can’t think of anything better than sitting out on a deck watching the sunset while having a cocktail, while the kids are swimming in the pool. Having a pool and the ocean would be the kid’s dream vacation and mine as well, but it’s not a necessity for me. Exploring and visiting the beach by day, and swimming lazily in the pool by night, would definitely wash away the cares of the world and the water would feel amazing to my aching back (failed back surgery, but that’s a whole other post). I also like the option of having a kitchen because it’s not always easy to get everyone on board at the same restaurant, and I do like to cut corners where I can. And of course, a rental home would feel more like home so even my grinch-iest little guy wouldn’t get homesick.

As I’ve been known to do when I’m stuck on a decision (I’m still so in love with the dining room table you picked out), I’m going to share a couple of my favorite homes and let you see what you think. I’d love to know which one you’d pick and why and hopefully that will help me make the right choice on where I’d like to stay. But first, let me tell you some of the things I really want to do and see that are in the area. Here we all are trying to make a simple decision but that’s never an easy thing to do. Sometimes outside help, helps, lol.

Vacation in the Caribbean Islands

There’s bouldering for the more adventurous ones in my family. I don’t consider myself one of them although nothing could have stopped me before my surgery. There are deserted islands where we’d have a beach almost if not all the way by ourselves. I’m thinking of all of the shells that haven’t been picked over on it and being able to wander around without a crowd. And wouldn’t it be great to find a coconut or pineapple tree? Hello Robinson Crusoe. From many sea wrecks to see, tropical fish to admire, to the rare rock iguanas and large flocks of preening pink flamingos, I’m thinking I’d never want to leave a deserted island. And of course, the diving would be spectacular. I’ve always wanted to go diving and would have to take a course before I left but it’s on my 100 things to do before I die list. My brother-in-law teaches deep-sea diving, I just need to commit to doing it. These are but a few of the things I’ve decided we would do on vacation.

If it were up to me, I’d select the Turtle Bay House, hands down, for the view. But I have to consider everyone and it’s not on the beach. But those views people, the views! It would be worth it to me to drive down the hill to the beach but I’m curious as to how your family would feel about not being right on the beach? I made the mistake of clicking on it and reading about it first, not only the views, but the price caught my eye. It really is one of the most affordable ones for the views. And now that I’ve seen it, I can’t get it off my mind, but the vacation would be for the entire family and I have others to think about too. What do you think? Would your family like to stay here? I took a screenshot from the site to show you. Can you see why it would be my favorite choice?

Vacation in the Caribbean Islands

The next one I know the kids would love, it’s called the Caribbean Wind. Because if you’re going to stay in the Caribbean, it might as well be on the beach, right? They love the beach and it’s all they talk about when we plan a vacation. This house also has stellar views and it’s close to the beach as well. A few hops and skips and we’d be able to dip our feet in the water. I can see why this would be a better choice as far as the rest of the family is concerned. It is a little bit pricier but like I mentioned before, that’s easily remedied by taking along another family to split the costs. Would your family be happy here? I took a screenshot of it as well so you can see what you’re voting on.

Vacation in the Caribbean Islands

Okay, my dears, which one would you select, or would go a whole different route and pick a different one altogether?

Life’s a beach.

Vacation in the Caribbean Islands

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Vacation in the Caribbean Islands


  1. Who would pass up on this! Such an awesome vacation idea, plus there are so many things to love about the islands. It’s definitely going to be one memorable vacation for anyone!

  2. I am totally due for a vacation. I have been working really hard for a while now. I think we’ll be planning a little road trip vacation soon!

  3. Wow, just looking at the view is already a vacation for me. I wish I could just about now where beach is around.

  4. I don’t prefer the beach over swimming pool. The salt water getting to my eyes is a big turnoff. I also don’t like basking under the sun too much. The Caribbean Islands though is a must-see attraction in itself.

  5. Oh gosh, I would love to travel to the Caribbean one day!! These pictures are giving me major FOMO. HA!

  6. As a family, we love going to the Carribean islands. It is a great getaway and they have the most incredible beaches!

  7. Wow, that looks like a place that I need to plan a trip to! We really love the beach and water like that, so this would be fun!!

  8. It looks just beautiful there and I would love to visit! The water seems so inviting.

  9. Yes please. I would love to vacation here one day. This would be a fabulous place to relax.

  10. I’ve never gone diving before, but I’ve been snorkeling near some of the diving areas. It takes a lot of guts to actually have the oxygen on your back – I can attest to the commitment issues!

  11. I love to travel. I wish I had enough money and time to do it more often. I’ve been wanting to visit the Caribbean for a good number of years now.

  12. The blue skies and water look amazing. I have not been to the caribbean in a few years and the sunshine is calling me so we would love to go.

  13. I can’t wait to visit the Caribbean again. When booking travel, figuring out where we’re going go/stay is the hardest decision for me. I typically go what is with what is going to be more convenient for everybody else.

  14. I would LOVE to get back to the Caribbean someday. I keep telling my husband that I would be happy with a cruise to the islands even. One of these days….

  15. Ooh that’s a tough decision. I was in the Caribbean last fall and everything was beautiful and deciding on where to stay was one of the toughest decisions. Each one has that 1 little something special. I can’t wait to see which one you and your family choose.

  16. I have never been and would love to visit. Just have to enjoy reading about all the fun and looking at photos

  17. I love visiting the islands. They are so beautiful and the water is so blue!

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