Selecting the perfect bikini for the summer is a task that goes beyond the mere act of just picking out a top and bottom and purchasing. A lot of steps are involved, including the following:

You might have to go for separates

A lot of the time, you end up getting a poor fit if you buy a set. The reason for choosing both differently is because you are most likely a different size on the bottom than you are on the top. For instance, while you might have a small bust, a large fit might be what works the best for you on the bottom. This isn’t to say a pair can’t fit you, but you might also want to look at some combinations of different sizes until you find what makes you comfortable.

Your choice of tops must be spot-on

When it comes to bikini tops, options are quite abundant. The right one for you will usually depend on your body type and style. However, the most basic of all bikini tops are the triangle top. It can be adjusted, although it doesn’t offer much by way of support. There are also options like plunge-shaped tops, the half cup, balconette, etc. All of these have striking similarities with bras, but they provide a lot more support.

All in all, make sure to choose a bikini top that you’re comfortable in and which has a style that you love.

Demi bras work best for women with large busts

However, if you have a large bust and you have issues getting it to fit comfortably in a top, then a top with a demi bra will work best for you. The extra support that it provides will make you much more comfortable. You can also go for underwire tops if you want even more support.

If you have a small frame, go for one with adjustable ties

If you have a small bust, then you’ll be better served by a bikini that has ties that you can easily adjust. When you are able to adjust your bikini top, you will be able to get the top tight and close to your bust, and it won’t fall off that way. Also, if you’ve got a preference for strapless tops, then you’ll need one with padding and some boning on the side to help it stand firm.

Work on your preferred bottoms as well

The Euro bikini bottom has a low fitting on the hips, and it is the most popular choice for bikini bottoms. There is also the Brazilian bikini bottom, which only provides half coverage at the back. Then you have the thong, which doesn’t provide any form of back coverage at all. Also, note the following:

  • As regards bottoms, you can also go for board shorts or skirted bottoms as opposed to the conventional bikini bottoms.
  • If you don’t want any stomach features on display, then high-waist bottoms are the best
  • Bottoms with strings on the sides will help make your hips look smaller.

 The color of your bikini should go with your skin tone.

Your skin tone will play an important role in determining the aesthetic appeal of your bikini, so you need to be very careful.

People with light skin look awesome with pastels or emeralds. Bright colors and metallic designs are preferred for women with medium skin tones, and dark skin tones will always kill it with some reds and bold blues.

However, remember that these are only suggestions. At the end of the day, just wear what looks good and feels comfortable.

About the author: Nikolay Stoyanov is the founder of Micro Bikini Store – an online shop for extreme bikinis in the United States. The website offers free shipping and fast delivery with every purchased item and has one of the most affordable prices in the U.S.

6 Steps to Choosing the Right Bikini