Getting To The Heart Of How New Love Habits Could Help Your Long-Term Relationships

Getting To The Heart Of How New Love Habits Could Help Your Long-Term Relationships

When we first fall in love, the rush of hormones and the possibility of something great can send us giddy with anticipation. Unfortunately, no matter how headey those first days can be, complacency still has an annoying habit of catching up at some point.

In some respects, this isn’t a bad thing – if love was intoxicating all of the time then we’d never be able to settle. That said, complacency issues like a lack of quality time can also take a significant toll. As such, if the rush of new love feels like a distant memory when you look at your partner, it might be worth rekindling these new love habits to help improve your relationship as it stands. 

# 1 – Getting to know you

In the early days of a relationship, it’s not unusual to spend nights up chatting, and to text one another so often that you’re forever rushing to buy extra minutes from companies like Prepaid Bill. After all, you have a lot to learn about each other! Then, one day, the messaging stops, and so do those late night chats, leaving you not only without communication, but at very real risk of growing apart. Avoid that by rekindling this quest to know one another, either by simply getting back into a texting habit when you’re apart, or making dedicated time for those long chats you used to love. You’ll be amazed by how much you learn this way, even about that person you thought you knew best. 

# 2 – Experiencing new things

Most new couples make an effort to experience new things together, including vacations to new destinations, fun dates like mini golfing, and even just eating at a restaurant neither of you have been to before. Inevitably, however, the longer we’ve been together, the more likely we are to slip into the same old habits. In reality, though, experiencing new things together is a fantastic way for any couple to evolve, grow, and create memories at any stage. If you haven’t done anything new with your partner in a while, then, make an effort to step outside of your comfort zone together and see excitement flooding into your love once more. 

# 3 – Making plans 

Getting To The Heart Of How New Love Habits Could Help Your Long-Term Relationships


The first months and even years of a relationship are often dedicated towards creating a future with goals like house buying and marriage. Unfortunately, as we achieve those goals and start living that planned life, it’s easy to fall into a kind of couple’s stasis. To rejuvenate your relationship, it’s therefore worth finding new ways to make plans, even if those are as small as learning to dance together, or saving up for a romantic getaway. As you’re working towards these things, you should find that you rekindle a closeness you haven’t felt since you stopped moving towards mutual goals in this way. 

Relationships inevitably change over time, but there’s no reason why you can’t hold onto these most positive habits of new love to keep things as fresh as possible. 

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