Red Flags Your Relationship Won’t Last

Red Flags Your Relationship Won’t Last

Relationships can be a great thing when it comes to the development of two individuals. A real relationship would mean sharing, caring and supporting whenever it is needed. However, there are times certain relationships are just meant to fail, and there is nothing you can do to have it any better at all. What are the signs a relationship will not last and how to know if your relationship will last at all? 

Red Flags Your Relationship Won’t Last

You No Longer Feel Like You Are Able To Be Yourself

There are times we simply ignore most of the signs that a relationship won’t work and then we end up feeling like we can no longer be ourselves. As soon as you notice you are being a whole different person when around with your boyfriend/girlfriend, it might be that you just cannot be yourself with that person at all. If you end up feeling this way and you make no changes related to it, you will be sad, feel lonely and empty on the inside. A relationship is just a journey with a person of your choice, not adapting to a person of your choice. You must know how to build emotional strength if you wish to be happy with someone, you must learn to love and appreciate your own self before anything else. 

You Two Struggle To Communicate Very Often

Communication is one of the most important things in a relationship, if you two cannot communicate as grown-ups, you are probably not meant to be dating either. Bad communication is just one of the signs a relationship will not last, and you should never ignore it. Find someone with whom you can communicate with no issues at all, someone with whom you can talk about anything and everything. 

Your Family And Friends Are Not Supportive Of Your Relationship

If anyone knows you better than your significant other, it is your family or your close friends. Family and close friends will usually know and give you their advice if they feel like your relationship is not going to last. These people know you, they know your habits, your thoughts and they will always try to give you an honest opinion, never ignore their opinion, they are an important part of your life for a reason. 

You Are Both Trying To Change Each Other

One of the biggest red flags relationship warning signs is probably when someone tries to change you and does it on a daily basis. If you are in a relationship that keeps on changing the both of you, that means your relationship is toxic and not developing into anything good at all. Instead of changing each other, how about you try and grow together, be better people and understand each other? 


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  1. This is such a great article for those who are in a trouble relationship! Too bad, many of them chose to ignore the red flags and stayed in a toxic relationship.

  2. A super serious topic but one that really needs to be brought up, especially for those who are in that type of relationship. You really covered the main points of red flag relationships!

  3. I agree! If you feel like you are not free anymore, run far away! ha! Thank you for the tips, it helps a lot!

  4. Wow, I really love to know more about some issues or problem that might be caused for breakup such great post so helpful.

  5. Bohemian Babushka

    Wow and Woah. Heavy topic, wonderful insights. Being a 3x married Babushka, BB is completely agreed with you. ALWAYS BE TRUE TO YOU.

  6. I agree, you two should grow together and be better versions of yourselves as couple. There’s no point of trying to change a person because he/she is who he/she is.

  7. I completely agree with you on all of these. Sadly sometimes relationships just don’t work out. It’s good to know more of the signs though.

  8. I think it’s important in a relationship to be yourself and not to try to change the other one. These are two important thing from my point of view!

  9. I have a friend who is experiencing several of the exact issues you’ve just described. And their relationship is really suffering. Thinking you can change someone is not realistic.

  10. Me too. I’ve learned what red flags to look for.

  11. Struggling to communicate is definitely a red flag for any relationship. Communication is key.

  12. Yep. Been there a number of times and I can say that those are all definite red flags.

  13. I really enjoyed reading this post. They are really awesome tips. I wouldn’t want to be with someone who didn’t love me for me.

  14. Yup, I can see this. I wouldn’t want to be with anyone who didn’t want me to be who I am. And I certainly wouldn’t want to change anyone!

  15. these are PERFECT tips my friend- def for someone that has been in some crazy relationships- there are a few red flags for sure to keep an eye on.

  16. This is such a great run of things to look out for. I think sometimes without knowing red flags or understanding them it can be easy to miss them in your own relationship.

  17. These are definitely very good tips! For someone that is new to relationships this means everything. You should never have to give up who you are to be with somebody else. They should enhance your personality as you do theirs.

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