Red Flags: The Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

Red Flags: The Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

It’s something that we can all suffer from, whether we’re in a relationship or not. When we end up feeling anxiety for numerous reasons we chalk it down to our own individual issues. But when you don’t feel good enough and this is down to the other person and whatever you do it’s always the wrong thing, this can be the first sign of a toxic relationship. It’s important to be on the lookout for the red flags.

You’re Not Practicing Self-Care

You may feel that you are doing everything you can to look after yourself but when a toxic relationship is in full flow we have to remember that it’s not all about the other person’s behavior. It can be about what your behavioral patterns are too. Self-care is crucial to keep toxicity away. But sometimes we can almost depend on each other and this is especially true when medicating ourselves so we don’t face up to the realities. While there is professional help in the form of rehab for couples near you, you still have to remember that even though you are part of a unit, you need to look after yourself as well.

There’s An Imbalance Of Power

If you can’t honestly answer the question of who has the power in a relationship you are going in the right direction. But if the answer is as clear as day this can suggest problems. Ultimately, a relationship is equal. And any union doesn’t have perfectly balanced dynamics of power but in the end, it should figure itself out. 

You Think They Will Change

Any toxic relationship can hedge so much on the fact that you are waiting for a partner to change. It doesn’t necessarily require toxic behavior to be a toxic relationship. But you could very well stay with someone thinking that they will change eventually. Sticking around means that you are putting yourself in the firing line when it comes to their problems. They may very well blame you for their problems. And if you stick around hoping that the person will quit their behavior that’s causing the problems this can mean that your judgment isn’t sound. Ultimately, it’s blind faith. You need to understand that even though there are some positive aspects of any relationship it doesn’t mean that you should stay there.

Your Friends And Family Are Worried

This could be a hard thing to figure out. Because friends or family may not necessarily like the person you are with but you may just think they’re being protective of you. When they are criticizing your partner you could become defensive which can cause problems with the other people in your life. If your friends and family have been voicing their concerns for some time, take a step back and ask them why they feel that way. Their response could very well be a shock but it can help you to regain a newfound perspective.

You Feel Exhausted

You may feel that being in a relationship with someone is supposed to be hard work. And no relationship is easy but when you are in a healthy relationship you want to be with the other person. While it’s not always like this in a relationship, when you are in a toxic union if you feel that you don’t want to be with them or you don’t miss them when you are away it can soon snowball into feelings of exhaustion or insecurity. The bottom line is that you should never feel worse when you are around the person you’re supposed to be with. And when you feel drained all of the time you don’t have the energy to truly address the problem. 

You Don’t Feel Positive

Bad relationships can stop you from feeling good about the future. In a toxic relationship, there’s not much of a discussion about the future. Usually, in a relationship, couples begin to talk about what will happen further down the line, such as marriage or children, but in toxic relationships, you may not know where you truly stand with your partner. If they blow hot and cold you don’t know where you are and this compounds a feeling of negativity.

Toxic relationships are incredibly dangerous to our mind and body. The longer you stay in this relationship the harder it becomes to get out of it. When we find someone, we have to remember that they are part of a union. We shouldn’t be subservient to their needs. But sometimes we can be so desperate for a relationship to validate us that we choose the wrong person. Know the signs of a toxic relationship. Click here to find out the cost of a private investigator.

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