Give Your Pool a Makeover: Top Tips to Transform Your Space

Give Your Pool a Makeover: Top Tips to Transform Your Space

Your pool can be a hole in the ground and a big expense, or it can become your favorite part of your home. The difference between these two is simply style. In one, the pool in question is likely very useful. You have the basics, but the fact is a body of water isn’t enough of a draw. You need style. You need it to look amazing. You need to be able to lounge, exercise, and socialize. You need your pool to be able to handle it all. 

For some, this will mean getting big changes made. The good news is that you can do a lot, even on a small budget. So long as the pool is in good condition, you can dress it up with planters, pool furniture, a veranda, and more.

One thing is for sure, however. If you have a pool that you want to love, but just don’t at the moment, you’ll want to use these top tips to transform your space today: 

Repair Your Pool 

If you’re on a tight budget, then the biggest expense you’ll need to either finance or save up for is to repair it. If there are stains that won’t go away, cracks, or leaks in or around your pool, a repair job is an absolute must. Without it, your pool will only get worse, and any updates you make will be for nothing. Fix it up, either as the whole project or as part of a larger renovation. 

Reshape Your Pool and Dress it Up

Give Your Pool a Makeover: Top Tips to Transform Your Space

Residential pool remodeling & renovations can absolutely change the shape and how you use your pool. One of the best renovations to make, aside from aesthetic ones like tiling, is to add a larger shallow area and have that slope down towards the deep end of the pool. You want your pool to be as comfortable to lounge in as it is fun to jump in. You may also prefer your pool to be in a natural, organic shape as opposed to a harsh rectangle. Either way, having experts on hand who will transform your pool into your vision is a must. 

Tip: Don’t just think about the pool, either. The area around the pool and aesthetic additions like a veranda that covers the shallow end of your pool are also additions that you can and should consider during your remodel.

Dress the Space 

From furniture to flora, there are many ways that you can dress up the space and make it shine. Decorating the area is so effective, in fact, that you can actually get away with a minimal resurfacing treatment instead of a full renovation and still enjoy your pool more than ever before. The secret is in treating your outside space as an extension of your indoor space. 

Decorate the patio area, add an outdoor rug, add cute lights, soft furnishings, sculptures, and more. Add plants to large planters and use those to decorate and enclose your space for a luxurious, intimate feel. These are just a few ways you can decorate your pool to enjoy it more, just know the best results come when your personality shines through. 

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