The Secrets of a Successful Home Remodel

Remodeling your home is tremendously exciting. It’s your chance to create the house of your dreams, without having to commit to a stressful, costly, and time-consuming move.  When you move house, you might also have to move your life. You may have to get a new job or at least change your commute. You might have to take your kids out of school, and it might mean that you can’t see your friends as often. You’ll need to spend time changing utility providers and setting up new contracts. It’s a significant life overhaul. When you remodel, the rest of your life stays the same, and you get a gorgeous new home to enjoy.

But, it can still be challenging. Many people make mistakes when they remodel. Some of the most common include not budgeting for emergencies, being unrealistic, or not sticking to their budget. Not communicating with their contractors or trying to do it all for themselves. Some people try to stick to trends and end up with a home that is out of fashion and slightly ridiculous within a few years. Others use inferior materials in an attempt to save money. A lot of these traps are easy to fall into. 

A successful remodel is worth taking time with, and there are a few secrets that can help you to get it right. Let’s take a look at them. 

Use The Right Team

The Secrets of a Successful Home Remodel

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If you have plenty of experience completing renovations, you might want to do some of the work in your home for yourself. But, even then, hiring a contractor to manage your team and keep track of everything can be ideal. 

Most of us, however, don’t have the necessary experience to do the job well, even with outside help. So, don’t try. You might think doing it yourself will save you money, but for the most part, it will just mean that you run over budget redoing things after mistakes, or that the work doesn’t look as good or last as long as it should.  

If you want a home that looks fantastic and lasts for many years to come, it’s important that you hire the right contractors. A top rated home improvement company can end up saving you money while ensuring that you get the home of your dreams. KBF Design Gallery is an award winning home remodeling and interior design business in Central Florida.

Move Out

If you just want a little work done, or specific rooms changed, you may be able to move things around and keep living at home. If you are looking at a large scale remodel, however, moving out for the duration of the project can be a much better idea. You won’t get in the way, you won’t be inconvenienced by workmen, dust, and noise, and you won’t be around to panic when your home looks like a building site. 

Over Budget

Sticking to a budget is difficult with a big project. Many people make unrealistic budgets that they can’t stick to, or fail to budget for emergencies. This often means that they overspend, or try to cut corners to keep their expenditure in check. 

The secret of success is often over budgeting. Try to be as realistic as possible by doing plenty of research and communicating well with your designers and contractors. Then, make sure you’ve got at least 10% extra, included in your budget, as money to cover any emergencies or extras along the way. 

Take Your Time with Preparations

Another huge mistake that people make is rushing the preparations so that they can get stuck into the exciting part as soon as possible. If you want your remodel to go well, spend more time on the preparations. Spend time with designers and architects, and don’t rush into starting before you are ready. 

Communicate Well

The Secrets of a Successful Home Remodel

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Having a contractor and leaving your home doesn’t mean that you should just leave them to it. A contractor that you trust is crucial, but you should still be able to communicate openly with them. Check in regularly, visit the site and ask for frequent updates. Don’t be scared to question decisions or to ask for more information if you need to. It is your house, after all. 

Don’t Assume Lower Prices are Good Value

Good value for money doesn’t mean cheap. In fact, cheap supplies and materials can end up costing you far more in the long-run. Make value for money your priority. 

Trust Your Instincts

When it comes to meeting prospective staff, looking at designers, or shopping for materials, it’s important that you trust your instincts and follow your dreams. 

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