How A Modern Upgrade Offers Positive Results In The Home

How A Modern Upgrade Offers Positive Results In The Home

If you are thinking of moving to a new home, or just want to renovate your living room, it can be difficult to know where to start and how to apply the ideas you have in your head. Simplifying each element of the upgrade will allow you to focus on what you truly want. Read on for some ideas on how a modern upgrade can have a positive effect on your home.

Commit to a single style 

Most of us will likely choose a specific style, such as contemporary, retro, minimalist, or simply traditional, and use it as a basis for the decoration process. This is perfect and should be the first step that you take, but the important point here is not to let go of that style or get distracted by situations that separate you from said style. Choose a style and try to stay always faithful to your tastes in absolutely every decision—whether it’s color, fabrics, furniture, or accessories in order to achieve cohesion throughout the space. Pulling inspiration is vital, as is learning how to bring in more cost-effective elements like those found on websites such as

 Use some tricks for the eyes  

If your living room is small, consider adding some optical illusions to fool the eye. For example, add tapestries with vertical lines, hang floor-to-ceiling curtains, or use tall lamps. A mirror is also the perfect addition to any type of room, as it will make it look bigger and reflect the light, which will make your room brighter as well. Light-colored resin floors are a great way to make your living room appear much larger, as the natural light will be reflected throughout the room. As well as being true to a style, it is also very important to stick to your favored color palette. You could choose light tones for a greater sense of space, or a much more striking color with vibrant tones, but you mustn’t mix both concepts.

Be practical  

Do not let the design of your room get in the way of its functionality, since first of all, it must be a place to enjoy yourself and be comfortable. More and more furniture stores are entering the trend of functional furniture as they are committed to rooms with style, but above all, they are practical. If you don’t have a fireplace, you should create a focal point within your living room with a piece of art or a large mirror on the wall where the fireplace would be. If your living room has a large window, this can become your focal point. Try adding a curtain valance or a material that can serve that purpose, and this will immediately make the area stand out.

Think twice when it comes to armchairs

A common mistake is to fill the room with furniture that is not actually going to be used. You’re your time to think about how many people will make use of that space, as instead of having three large armchairs, it may be better to have two armchairs and a loveseat, or just a small armchair and a sofa—the options are endless. Large chairs clog up space quickly and will take up all of your remaining areas—always be savvy!

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