Glen Allen scaling scalp and how to deal with scalp scaling

Glen Allen scaling scalp and how to deal with scalp scaling

Do you have a scaling scalp that has lowered your self-esteem? Worry not as you can learn how to treat the condition with home remedies and apply other clinical treatments. At Glen Allen scaling scalps, experts work on educating you on the causes of scalping and develop customized treatments that suit your needs. First, you should know the exact cause of scalping before adopting a treatment plan, you can visit their website to learn more about how to handle scaling scalp.

What Causes Scalp Scaling

  •       Plaque psoriasis could affect parts of the body such as the knees and elbows and if the condition could spread to the scalp it could cause scaling. The inflammation on the scalp could result in itching and tenderness that causes scratching and eventually leads to scaling.
  •       Ringworms also known as tinea capitis which results from a fungal infection mainly affects children resulting in scaling. If your child is directly in contact with pets they are likely to develop ringworms and scaling. The condition could get worse for people who live in warm and humid environments.
  •       Dandruff often occurs due to sensitivity to yeast, and it occurs and goes away on its own. With poor management, dandruff could result in scaling.
  •       Skin irritants such as fragrance and preservatives found in hair care products could lead to redness and scaling. Although the products are supposed to prevent molding and smell in the hair they could damage the scalp.
  •       Sun damage on the scalp could occur due to hair thinning leading to more sun exposure. Scaling caused by sun damage could progress into skin cancer.

Signs of Scalp Scaling

Scaling could result in inflammation and redness of the scalp with focal points with thick or thin skin. Lesions on the skin might be seen on the scalp and they could progress into skin cancer. Some people might develop lymph nodes at the base of the scalp.

Diagnosis and Treatment Of Scalp Scaling

Your doctor will conduct a visual scalp exam for signs of inflammation and redness. If the scaling results from a fungal infection, a doctor could do a swap analysis. If you are worried that the condition could progress into skin cancer, you could request a skin biopsy to remove the lesions.

Treatment for Scaling

The treatment for skin scaling could depend on the cause of the condition, for instance, if it is caused by a fungal infection it could be treated using antifungal medications. Sun damage and skin cancer could be treated by removing the lesions on the scalp. You could treat sun damage also using topical creams and light therapy. Surgery could help if you have severe scalp scaling.

The Bottom Line

Most people could ignore skin scalping which could adversely affect your scalp leading to skin lesions and cancer. Scaling could be caused by dandruff, lesions, skin cancer, and fungal infection and it could help to know what predisposes you to scale so you can treat the condition effectively. You could provide your medical history and let your doctor examine the skin scaling physically and through imaging technology. The treatment for the condition could vary depending on what causes scaling; do not live with scalp scaling as it is a simple condition that can be solved by an experienced dermatologist.

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