Guide to hair toppers for women with thinning hair

Guide to hair toppers for women with thinning hair

A hair topper is your ideal solution if your hair is thinning from different spots and areas. Do you want to add extra volume to your hair to conceal these spots or any balding? Use human hair toppers for a very natural-looking and completely gorgeous hair transformation!

What Are Hair Toppers?

Hair toppers for women are a cross between wigs and hair extensions. Also known as wiglets or top pieces, an increasing number of women are opting for them as a solution for their thinning or balding hair. 

You can clip on the hair toppers and enjoy the volume it gives your hair in a very natural manner. The possibilities with this hair modality are endless as it comes in many different types and forms. Just like with wigs, hair toppers are available in a wide range of varieties according to their material and mode of construction.

Among them include:

  • Synthetic hair toppers
  • Human hair toppers
  • Lace base toppers
  • Poly skin base toppers
  • Mono base toppers
  • Silk base toppers

Hair toppers are also available in different lengths, colors, and thicknesses.

How are hair toppers different from wigs?

Hair toppers are preferred to others when it comes to covering bald spots or thinning hair as they look more natural and are pretty unrecognizable in contrast to wigs or other non-surgical hair alternatives. Hair toppers are also lighter than wigs in volume while wigs cover your whole head with all your natural hair clipped underneath the wig cap. Hair toppers, on the other hand, can be clipped onto any area of your hair and the natural hair is blended in with the hair of the topper base.  This provides a very natural and realistic look such that nobody would even be able to tell you’re wearing a hairpiece. The important thing is to choose a hair topper which is of the same hair color as your natural hair for unrecognizable blending.

Some tips to optimally choose a hair topper for women:

  • Apart from what you prefer, always remember, that a fuller topper means a larger base.
  • The more the density, the fuller the topper but always choose according to the thickness of your natural hair. Too much density can look unnatural.
  • Always go for human hair toppers. They are pricier, but a more stable and durable investment and their look and feel is much more natural.

How To Choose Your First Hair Topper For Women

How do you take care of your hair topper?

Here are some short guidelines to take care of your topper and increase its lifespan:

  • Wash your hair topper gently with sulfate-free shampoo only twice a week.
  • Keep it in a place where the hairs won’t tangle when not in use, preferably on a stand.
  • Brush it out gently before and after using it.

Before you choose a hair topper for yourself, understand the material you are getting and salient features so you know what you want.

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