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Gluten Free Candy for Easter that Taste GREAT

Gluten Free Candy for Easter that Taste GREAT

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I received a product sample for review purposes only.

There are so many gluten-free products these days which make it easier for those who are on a gluten-free diet. A couple in my family have celiac disease (which I’d never even heard of before their diagnosis) and they were put on gluten-free diets by their physician. Tiffany is now an adult and is not as picky as Abby is when it comes to gluten-free food. Because Abby is so young, I’ve been stressing about what I could buy her for her Easter basket. She wants what everyone else is getting and I don’t blame her. It’s no fun to be singled out. I always try to find gluten-free products that everyone will eat. That’s where Lovely Candy came in and saved the day. I was really excited to find some gluten-free candy for Easter that’s really tasty. Because let’s be honest, not all gluten-free products are that tasty. The good news is there is nothing artificial in their products, they’re non-GMO, there’s no high fructose corn syrup and of course as I mentioned, they’re gluten-free.

My favorite candy is their pretzel balls. I love each and every one of them. I put out a bowl when we had our weekly movie night and they were gone in a flash. I will have to restock before Easter now that I know they’re a favorite of all the kids. I’ll fill up their plastic eggs with them and I know without a doubt that each and every one of them will be eaten. If you’re looking for a taste of chocolate for your Easter needs, check out the GF Pretzel Balls Milk Chocolate, GF Pretzel Balls Dark Chocolate, and the GF Pretzel Balls Salted Caramel.

Gluten Free Candy for Easter that Taste GREAT

Be sure to look for the below Lovely Candy products while shopping as well. You have our kids guarantee that your kids will love them.

Lovely Honey Gummies  are as their name implies, the gummies are made with honey, not sugar.  They’ are the first gummy bear that features honey (not sugar) as its first ingredient. Made without gelatin and peanut free and they have a great taste.  I’ve been snacking on these sour gummies today and they satisfied my cravings 100%.

Gluten Free Candy for Easter that Taste GREAT Gluten Free Candy for Easter that Taste GREAT

Lovely Gluten-Free Licorice – Delicious, all-natural bites of a classic candy but without gluten, artificial ingredients or high fructose corn syrup. These come in black, cherry & strawberry.  I’m a big licorice eater.  I’ll buy and eat it before I will any other candy so I’ve been more excited about this particular product than I am the others, even though I do like them all.  The kids do not agree, lol.   They just don’t share my love of licorice.

Gluten Free Candy for Easter that Taste GREAT

Gluten Free Candy for Easter that Taste GREAT

Not only can you buy gluten-free candy that your kids will actually eat, you’ll want to check out Lovely Candy’s NEW Organic Candy line.  I’ve not tried any of this line yet but I can’t wait to.

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  1. I adore that there are so many candy options out there now for kids with sensitivity to gluten! We don’t want them to miss out on Easter candy fun!

  2. I have never heard of this gummy bears before. These sound like some awesome ideas for people who are needing gluten-free treats this easter.

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