Yellow Belly Slider Turtles, the expense

Yellow Belly Slider Turtles, the expense

If you’ve decided to adopt or purchase a yellow belly slider turtle, there are some important things you need to purchase before you buy your turtle.  Turtles can be expensive depending on how much you have to spend on your aquarium.  For every inch of turtle, you need a ten-gallon tank;  1 inch=10 gallons, 12 inches=120 gallons (full grown female turtle).  It depends on what size turtle you adopt or buy as to what size you can get away with during the first year or so.  After that, you’ll need to go ahead and purchase a large aquarium because they grow faster than you might realize.  Also, familiarize yourself with your state laws when it comes to turtles and what turtles you are allowed to own in your area. As a rule, you can’t own a turtle under 4 inches except for educational purposes, etc. So again, know your state laws.

Yellow Belly Slider Turtles, the expense

This is Pokey and Scooter. Don’t be alarmed at the pink tint of the water. It’s their heat lamp, not the water. They get so excited when it’s feeding time. Where ever Pokey goes, Scooter decides he wants to be. And he or she tries his or her best to scoot Pokey away. I’m guessing Scooter is a bossy female but that remains to be seen. More on that later. I’m having to keep a close eye on them to make sure I don’t have to separate them. If that happens, I’ll have to buy a whole new set up for my yellow belly slider turtles. Twice the expense, oh my. Be prepared for that to happen if you buy or adopt more than one turtle.

Yellow Belly Slider Turtles, the expense

What you will need
Aquarium Stand
Heat Light
Light Clamps
UVB Light
Basking Dock
Gravel Vacuum
Water Conditioner
Calcium block
Container to feed in
Food (variety)

Every single one of these products is needed before your turtle/turtles arrive. Once you have everything you need, the expense will be in the form of continued feedings, the increase in your electric bill from running the lamps all the time and of course when anything breaks, quits working, etc, and you have to buy a replacement immediately. As you can see, buying a turtle on a whim is a bad idea. You need to plan, research, and be prepared for your new lifelong commitment.

If you are prepared and able to put some money into caring for your turtles, you’ll have a friend for life. Of course, it may be a one-sided friendship, lol. Please do not buy a turtle if you won’t be able to purchase a large enough aquarium or outdoor pond setup as the turtle grows.

One more thing to consider, please don’t buy a turtle that has not been captive bred.

Yellow Belly Slider Turtles, the expense

Disclaimer:  This post is not sponsored in any way.  I’m a past and present turtle owner and all thoughts included are from my many years of experience in owning, handling, and loving yellow belly slider turtles.  I’m not an expert on turtle care. 

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17 thoughts on “Yellow Belly Slider Turtles, the expense

  1. They are so adorable! I did not know that so much goes into the care of turtles, so I’m glad I learned something new. In your experience, do they interact with you in any way?

  2. I did know there were different types of turtles, not sure which are allowed as pets in my region but good to know about the expense and whats required for yellow belly slider turtles.

  3. They are so very cute! I am not sure about having one as a pet but this is great advice if we ever do.

  4. It’s been such a long time since we last took care of turtles in the house and I think this makes a great guide for people who would like to get turtles as pets. It’s definitely important to make sure you have everything the turtle needs before it arrives!

  5. I never thought of a turtle as pet before. I like them but I think they are better in nature. But if we can make the natural atmosphere for them, it will be really nice.

  6. My brother had one of these when he was a child and it lived for years! Great little pets!

  7. I do love a pet but I would have not thought of a turtle. I like them but I think they are better in nature. They also entail so many costs as well! so much equipment needed!

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